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Benefits Of Crowdtesting For The IT Industry

Benefits Of Crowdtesting For The IT Industry

While sometimes mystery may be a great boost to your marketing, crowdtesting your platform, and in this way exposing it to a part of the public does, have its benefits, as well. The greatest problem with traditional (internal) testing methods lies in the fact that they simply cannot emulate the real-world conditions faithfully enough. Not only are people who developed the app, or people with a background in app development not representative of the broader public but the sample group alone isn’t big enough to uncover all hidden bugs and software flaws. Here are a few other benefits of crowdtesting for the IT industry that you should be aware of.

Benefits Of Crowdtesting For The IT Industry

Crowdtesting is much quicker

In the introduction, we mentioned the limited number of test participants as one of the major problems of traditional testing. If a single person is testing an app the chances of them causing circumstances that will result in a bug or a major flaw isn’t that big. This means that with a smaller team, you need much more time to cover the same number of situations. In other words, crowdtesting will allow you to make your product launch-ready much sooner and, in this way, save a small fortune by having a shorter development process.

Greater geographic coverage

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that crowdfunding provides you with a significantly greater geographic coverage. As we mentioned twice already, the traditional testing teams simply aren’t big enough. This means that even if you take 100 people to test your product you won’t be able to have representatives of every regional market you plan to enter. Sure, you can have several people from each of these regions but this is simply not enough to draw any kind of definitive conclusions. When it comes to quantitative studies, you need at least 20 users in order to get statistically significant numbers.

Benefits Of Crowdtesting For The IT Industry

Avoiding internal bias

The next major advantage of crowdtesting comes from the fact that it is done by people who come to the table with a completely new perspective. A test participant who knows of a major bug may deliberately put your platform in that situation even though this particular problem probably wouldn’t occur in real life. The opposite is even more likely, since they may be inclined to avoid areas they know were problematic in the development stage. In other words, one of the greatest benefits of crowdsource testing lies in the fact that you get a huge pool of people with a fresh perspective to help you out.

Greater diversity

Finally, no matter how hard most IT companies try to diversify their workplace, the truth is that this only goes so far. People working in the same industry have at least one thing in common and in some cases, this may be enough to introduce numerous other common patterns of behavior, as well. Moreover, while people from your development team may be of different backgrounds, they all possess a similar degree of technical expertise and industry-specific experience, which is all that matters in this situation. In order to emulate real-life situations, you need as many different users as possible. It goes without saying that most of these users will approach your product across several devices, different browsers and so forth.


Regardless if you need to check how well-made your app is or to simply validate your ideas, crowdtesting is usually the way to go. With a greater audience, you get more chance of getting statistically relevant data, which can later be tailored into further patches and marketing strategy. To make the long story short, the best feature of crowdtesting is the fact that it puts your product in a situation that resembles the one it will meet once it’s out on the market.