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Basic Tips On Selling Your Old Mobile Phone

Selling your old mobile phone is easy, but getting rid of it with a good price is difficult. Of course, your histrionics count here, but actual value of your phone reads right on its face. What model is it? Has it been repaired? Does it have original battery? How long can the battery hold the charge? Are you providing any accessories? These are the FAQs you inevitably hear from your direct buyers.

Basic Tips On Selling Your Old Mobile Phone

What Type of Phones can be Recycled?

Broken parts can seriously cut down the price of your old phone and this not just refers to visible condition of your handset but also its functionality. You can expect a cute round zero if it fails to switch on at the first place. The reseller shops might take your mobile for scrap but you are better off with it. Sets which are obsolete and not serving the purpose of modern day use can be recycled. They might be resting back in your drawer, why not sell them for cash.

Now let’s talk about selling an old phone.

Re-installing the Operating System

Refreshing operating system of your smartphone can save you a lot of trouble. When you hand it over to a buyer for checking, the phone must respond efficiently. If it has been overloaded with apps and files it might work slow. The phone may contain viruses which create glitches in the phone’s operating system. You can always choose to restore factory settings but you don’t know if the old OS is damaged.

Repairing Damages

Repairing damaged components or impaired functions can increase the worth of your old mobile phone, which otherwise is just as good as contents of a trash bag. Sellers deter repairing their mobiles to save their costs, but a faulty cellphone might not give you the price you are looking for.

Change the Casing

It gives your mobile a completely new look and gets the attention of your potential customer. Although you eulogize your mobile by defining its specs, but what’s the worth of its not wearing a good casing? Remember, presentation is a dominating factor in selling a product quickly.

Offering More Accessories

It is a good practice to keep the accessories of your old or broken phones. They become handy for your own use or you can bundle them as a gift offer with your mobile deal. Do not underestimate this tactic, because it truly works for most of the people.

Selling the Phone as it is

Now this is what you must do if you are completely tired of your old phone. Attempting to sale it seems appealing next to let a truck over-run it. If your phone is in good working condition you should consider selling it to online recycling companies for which you don’t have to leave your home. On the positive side, they offer you a reasonable price. I sell my phone online as it is convenient for me and save me the hassle and time to visit the local market.