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Different Types Of Solar System

Today, the need for solar system is increasing enormously. Many people have started switching their option to solar system in order save energy as well as to minimize their electric bill to a greater extent. In order favor this change over different types of solar systems were launched in the market. Even though the features, pricings and efficiency of these systems get varied from one another the ultimate aim of using these systems is to attain energy for running the appliances. However, people who are buying the new solar panel for their home must have a brief knowledge on the different type of solar panel available in the market. This will help in shopping the best panel which can satisfy all their demands.

Different Types Of Solar System

Monocrystalline Silicon

The monocrystalline Silicon panels are the one which are made from single silicon. There are the most commonly preferred solar panel systems in current trend. The attention on this solar panel is caused because of their higher efficiency. This panel helps in converting more energy when compared to that of the other solar panels available in the market. This is the reason why they are also used in office environment. Since their output is outstanding; and as they are made with high silicon content they are considered to be little expensive than other solar models. This model can be easily identified by their square shaped cells. This type of solar panels must be installed by the reputed solar installation services like solar san jose.

Building Integrated Photovoltaics

They are shortly called as BIPV. It is to be noted that to install this solar plant, you definitely need a sunny roof with more space or they will not make any difference in your electric bill. You need to contact a construction company Toledo to check your roof before installing solar tiles. The overall appearance of this panel will be like roofing tiles. Even though this solar panel delivers less efficiency they are considered to be very costly. Many tend to get rid of this model as they are very expensive.

Polycrystalline Silicon

As the name indicates, these are multi silicon solar panel. But it is to be noted that the silicon level of this solar panel will be quite low when compared to that of monocrystalline silicon panel. Since their materials are little impure, they deliver 13-16% of efficiency. Thus, their efficiency will also be considerable lower than monocrystalline. And this is the reason why they are not much expensive. This type of solar panel best suits the roof. This panel is characterized by thin film solar cells which are made out of semi conductors.

Thermal Panels

Thermal solar panels cannot be used for heating or cooling water in your home or in your swimming pool. Some of these systems can be used to operate the air conditioning systems. It depends upon the efficiency of the panel.

Whatever the type of solar panel you choose, you must always buy them from the reputed manufactures in the market. They must provide good warranty for their solar panel. If you are interested in hiring the professional solar panel services, you can find more information here.