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EMF Protection – Fact or Fiction?

The subject of EMF has become of much greater interest later due to several factors.  The first is the increase in health issues which are perceived to be a result of the Electro Magnetic Fields which surround any electrical device.  The second is the increased availability of EMF protection devices.  The fact that these are available has highlighted the issue due to the promotional publicity of the sellers of EMF protection items.

EMF Protection – Fact or Fiction?

An Electro Magnetic Field is an invisible power which is generated by any electrical device; including wireless ones.  Appliances generally emit a low frequency EMF whilst wireless equipment generates high frequency EMF’s.  The truth is that these fields are all around you; they have been for years and the actual effects of them on your body are difficult to confirm exactly.  This is because they are classed as an environmental factor and there are many man made environmental factors all around you.  Every one of these could be having a detrimental effect on your health over a long period of time.

There has been research completed which indicates that living too close to an electrical pylon does have an effect on your health, one of the most common symptoms is unexplained headaches and sleeping problems.  Although it is not possible to say this issues are purely the result of exposure to EMF; it is fact that Electro Magnetic Fields exist and the increased exposure is likely to have some effect on your health.  A further factor that complicates the issue is the genetic make-up of each individual.  Some people are prone to illness and will be affected when others are not.  This makes it extremely difficult to provide an accurate analysis of how exactly the EMF affects people.

How to Protect Yourself

EMF’s exist which will, inevitably, lead to the question of how do you protect yourself against them.  Fortunately there are a range of EMF protection devices available on the market.  These devices are designed for your cell phone to fit in or your laptop to sit on.  The EMF protection device will then absorb the radiation created by the EMF and prevent it from reaching you.  These devices can be purchased from an array of reputable retailers; you can also choose to purchase an Electro Magnetic meter which will show you the EMF levels around you.

Of course, these EMF devices are designed to protect against specific items; these are the ones that you will spend the most time around, such as your cell phone and laptop or tablet.  To ensure your risk is limited as much as possible it is also essential to evaluate your own activities and take steps to reduce your exposure to these EMF’s.    The combination of EMF protection and a little planning can dramatically reduce the level of Electro Magnetic radiation being forced upon your body.  This is likely to provide a noticeable improvement in your health over a period of time and make you feel more relaxed and at one with nature.  The human body was not designed to exist with so many negative influences; understanding their affects and taking steps to protect yourself can make a huge difference.