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Environmental Benefits Of Solar Energy In California

California has one of the largest installed bases of residential solar energy systems anywhere in the country. It’s an achievement made, in part, through the state’s system of incentivizing solar technology adoption in homes and commercial establishments. Now that the state is at the forefront of the solar transformation, however, it is betting that momentum will carry it forward. The state believes that a simple preference for doing the right thing will help people adopt solar power in the state in ever larger numbers.

Environmental Benefits Of Solar Energy In California

To a person living in California, doing the right thing can be both easier and have a greater effect on the environment, than elsewhere.

Net Metering

Net metering is the practice by which the utilities absorb surplus power from households with installed solar panels. It is a legal requirement in the state for utilities to make such purchases from homes and businesses, and it not only encourages homeowners to adopt solar by subsidizing their costs, it helps make the conventional utilities cleaner.

In states like California, then, adopting solar energy helps change the way the utilities conduct themselves — it effectively forces them to produce less. In California, the major utilities have strongly resisted net meter practices. The government’s continued backing ensures that they go on.

Going Solar Makes a Real difference in California

In parts of the country where solar energy hasn’t yet won over many consumers, making the move will usually not make a significant dent on pollution levels in the environment. In California, however, the movement has caught on. Throwing one’s lot in with a movement that already has momentum can help produce perceptible change. Going solar is more meaningful in a state like California.

You Force the utilities to become Cleaner Themselves

According to Energy Saving Pros of Loomis, CA, the growing solar movement in California puts pressure on fossil burning utilities. With its growing base of renewable energy, people have begun to have less patience with conventionally polluting power generation methods. Solar power in California is so popular, it has even spawned utilities that generate power exclusively through non-polluting means. Conventional utilities have felt pressured to tighten up their own environmental controls in an attempt to compete.

It takes a movement the size of California’s to change business practices. Throwing one’s weight behind the movement can help.