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Galaxy S7 Edge – 6 Things You Can Do With The Curved Screen

As the latest phone from Samsung’s selection, Galaxy S7 Edge comes, as its name suggests, with a curved edge screen. This technology was used in previous models but was considered a gimmick and did not have any practical application. Since then, Samsung has added support for third-party curved screen application developers and significantly improved its features. Here are the 6 things that make your curved screen useful and worth those extra 100 dollars.

Galaxy S7 Edge - 6 Things You Can Do With The Curved Screen

Edge Panel Handle Customization

This is an essential feature of S7 Edge phones. With it, you can customize your panel handle as much as you want, move it from the right to the left if you are left-handed, change its size, position and transparency or even turn it off. All this is done from the Edge panel handle settings menu in display options.

Improved Edge Panels

Edge panels are the best aspect of Galaxy S7 Edge. Even though they existed on previous devices, they have improved a lot since then. Before S7 Edge, you could only use default applications and panels like a shortcut to your camera or favorite contacts. Now, when Samsung has added third party support, you can access almost any app through Edge panels. Of course, you can customize your panels as much as you want, as well as rearrange their order or disable the ones you don’t use. Also, there is an online shop, which you can access from the Edge panel setting screen, where you can download additional free or paid panels.

Edge Feeds

The next useful option for S7 Edge screen is Edge feeds. It shows various information on the curved screen when your phone is locked. Just swipe the screen first right then left and it will show you notifications, twitter feeds, etc. Similarly to Edge panels, you can customize this feature by installing the third-party feeds and disabling the default ones.

Always on Display

Another new feature introduced with the S7 Edge and S7 Samsung phones is the Always On Display. You can switch it on by going to the display settings and customize it from there. The customization is not that great, but you can choose between clock, calendar or image. Also, you can select different styles for your analog or digital clock and set a background image for them. Even though this option is limited at the moment, we hope that more options will be added in the near future.

Edge Lighting and Quick Reply

Galaxy S7 Edge - 6 Things You Can Do With The Curved Screen

This feature is also accessed from the Edge screen settings in the display menu. If you turn it on, your edge screen will light up whenever your phone is ringing. This is particularly useful when your volume is turned off because it will notify you of any calls and messages. Alternatively, from this menu, you can enter one more feature- Quick Reply. When you turn this property on, you will be able to reject an incoming call and send a preset message by placing a finger on the heart-rate monitor.

Night Clock

This option is not new, but its previous versions were amongst most popular ones on older edge screen models. By activating this feature, you essentially turn your phone into a bedside clock. Your edge screen will show time, active alarms and battery percentage. Additionally, the light is really dim, so it won’t disturb your sleep. It is a very useful feature if you wake up a lot at night and need to see what time it is, plus it is very efficient and won’t drain your battery a lot.

We all know that Samsung makes top quality phones, but if you are still doubt that Galaxy S7 Edge is worth that additional hundred dollars, you should consider all these new features. As we can see, Edge screen brings some actual benefits to the table. These screens have improved a lot since their first release and have a lot of new and useful properties.