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Getting Around Spain In Search Of Christmas Places

Getting Around Spain In Search Of Christmas Places

What does Christmas mean to you? If it’s not all about snow and cozy log fires, you should go to enjoy your turkey somewhere in the sunny climate. The idea of spending Christmas days in Spain sounds great. Looking for the best charming place for your winter vacation, decide on Lanzarote. This may be a good start to spend Christmas holidays abroad and make them safe and warm.

So, expecting to book your flight, find a hotel, and hire a car, you should learn more interesting information about where to go and how to celebrate Christmas in Lanzarote.

At what price?

It’s really interesting to know are flights to Lanzarote expensive at Christmas? Of course, it can hit you in the wallet to fly to Lanzarote in the period from December to January because many people like spending their vacation time in a warm, sunny place. Nevertheless, there is always a chance to get the best prices. How to? You can book your flight beforehand, even more than 10 weeks before the trip, or wait for the best last-minute deal. It’s up to you!

Getting around Spain

Spain is a country where traveling is easy. Traveling through long distances you’d better use the car hire in Lanzarote so that you can keep the distance and stay safe. Spain’s modern infrastructure is well-known all over the world. One said it is the best in Europe! Whatever car hire company you choose, you’ll get the same comfortable car and reasonable prices. Don’t forget the Christmas time is near here. The cheapest deals happen only if you book the car beforehand. So, check the license, your credit card, and a hand sanitizer. To have the widest choice of cars you can hire an auto at the airport. Smaller firms in remote areas can’t impress you with a good family van or a business class car.

Sonnenuntergang Lanzarote

Things to see and to do in Lanzarote

Traveling through Spain here and there you may have different Christmas every day. Forget about the monotony of your life. Your just hired car can take you to Canarians to enjoy a beautiful volcanic landscape. There is so much to do!

  1. Relax at the beach!

It may be a new Christmas tradition to go to the beach at Christmas Eve and the day before. Why not? The winter temperature in the Canary Islands is about 21º C on average! That’s your chance to visit one of many beaches on the island, dive in the ocean, and have dinner to the sound of waves and festive music. Many Canarians go to the beach for Christmas relaxation. Such restaurants as Papagayo, Caleton Blanco, and El Jabillo are most welcomed.

  1. Dine at Los Jameos!

Looking for a good place for Christmas dinner, drive your car to the Jameos del Agua. This is the most delightful place in Lanzarote where all visitors are friendly and waiters are welcoming. Moreover, there is a big space for arranging concerts so that you will have your dinner and enjoy the concert live. Don’t worry if you couldn’t book a table beforehand. You can always come and see this beautiful location within a guided excursion.

Christmas Eve

  1. Visit a traditional flea market

Do you want to buy the most interesting gift for Christmas? You should visit the local flea market! Honestly, this is a really worthy place, where you can find something really beautiful and original. You’ll be able to cut the price and pick something from a variety of handcrafted products and original gifts. There are a few big markets in Lanzarone. The flea market in Teguise is the most popular one.

The atmosphere is amazing. You will really enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, walking through the stands and the products, listening to festive music and biting here and there. What to buy? How about buying ceramics, baskets, leather goods? The market opens every Sunday during the Christmas season.

  1. Go to the Timanfaya National Park

Visiting Spain for Christmas is impossible without visiting another spectacular place – the Timanfaya National Park. This is a place where you can enjoy the Three Kings Night performance to the full. You will meet the Christian story of Baltasar and Gaspar, who traveled to Bethlehem by camels. You can leave presents for kids, write letters to be delivered right now and right here, and participate in a traditional Christmas parade. You’ll be delighted to see the joy in your kids’ eyes!

Even if you don’t have plans for Christmas yet, you can consider an option to hire a car in Lanzarone and visit Spain this winter. Of course, you can hardly make a snowman of sand, but you will surely have the brightest impressions and the warmest memories.

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