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Getting The Basics Of Web Design Right

A lot has been said and written about web design and the latest technologies that erupt every year. Some of the trends stay and make the web world a much better place for consumers while other trends are forgotten like the passing cloud. However, no matter how many new trends evolve, there are two basic elements that every designer has to get right. Unfortunately, most websites fail to get the desired results because they fail on these two aspects. You need to work with an efficient web design Thailand service to nail your website.

Getting The Basics Of Web Design Right

Knowing what the Customer Base Wants

The customers are not bothered about the codes that you use to develop your website. They are also not bothered about the latest technologies you use in web design. All they want is one thing – excellent and flawless user experience. So, how do you get this right?

User experience is subject to the psychology of your customer base. Thinking on these lines, we can conclude that what works for one group of target customers does not work for another. The first step in knowing what pleases your customers is to profile them. Create a profile of your customer’s profile from the customer point of view. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think what they find appealing. Conduct market research and survey to get an understanding of their sensibilities.

A good way of knowing what the customer wants is to perform a thorough competitor analysis. Make a list of your competitors and analyze their websites. Decode the factors that make them successful. Find out what clicks with your customers. A thorough analysis can give you several points on which you can base your web design. The buying sensibilities of your customers will depend on several factors such as their age group, cultural influences, social status, economic status and others.

Getting the Basic Website Structure Right

Irrespective of the colors, frills and fancies you add to your website, the basic website structure is what matters most. The placement of titles and headlines, alignment of the different design elements, placement of key aspects and arrangement of images and text make all the difference to your website. The platforms and codes that you plan to use for designing should always be decided beforehand.

One of the mistakes that most designers make is to start designing and think about the layout as they design. If you adopt this method, you will end up doing a lot of trial and error, which ultimately wastes time and effort. Before you start designing, you need to draw the layout and identify how you want to place the different elements of the design in specific places. You can always make minor changes here and there but it would not be the right thing to alter major portions of layouts during the design.

If the designer gets the above two elements perfect, the website functions well and delivers results. As an anomaly, consider a building. Understanding your customers is like the strong foundation that a structure needs to have. Getting the website structure right is like erecting the beams, columns, floor and roof effectively. If these two things are done, then all that remains is filling in bricks between the floors. An efficient web design Thailand service helps you a good ROI on your website.