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How Ethical Hacking Certification Helps?

Are you considering the Ethical Hacking Certification? If you like the DDos attacks, buffer overflows or viruses then entering into this field is the ultimate thing you can do. You can think of becoming an ethical hacker or the penetration tester. Though a number of business groups and government undertaking organizations are seen taking preventive measures seriously and are trying to improve their network security, computer systems and applications, there seems to be a dearth of skilled Information Security professionals that come along with the required EC-Council Certifications. With the Ethical Hacking Certification, you may fail to get the similar kind of adventurous rush but at the same time can find more sensible form of knowledge that end up leading to the objective of preventing the data theft, losses, or fraud.

How Ethical Hacking Certification Helps?

Now, looking at the job market for the ethical hackers you can find all the big and the small companies are becoming conscious about the data loss or theft and hence these are now employing the skilled professionals for their information security sphere. You can find the job market appearing the job options in this field too lucrative for those who are keen on attaining the ethical hacking certification. As pre the recent research report and surveys, more and more companies are spending in this domain, which has increased by 6 percent in between 2009 and 2010, to a whopping of $2.7 trillion. The projections of the same reports suggest that around 40 percent increase will be soon witnessed on worldwide security services up to 2018. Hence one can expect the around crossing $50.75 billion in coming year.

As a novice, you may easily earn anywhere up to $100,000 per annum, which will depend upon the company you have applied and the group in which you have been hired. And as you pass on with your experience and expertise you are easily expect to get up to $120,000 or even more per annum. You can only get a stable career in this field provided you are competent and skilled in this field. Getting the right certifications from the concerned groups can help you in getting the best jobs in IT field. Before you appear for the Ethical Hacking Certification, you need a good preparation, which can be carried out seeking the help of any competent educational group.

How to start?

Well, the road to become a competent and skilled ethical hacker would depend much on you getting into the IT domain first and then specialize in this field. To start your career in IT field, you are supposed to get the beginner certifications course like the Comitial A+ certification, Security+ certifications or the CCNA.. The next comes to you for taking up the EC-Council CEHv8 certification. But it is vital for any hacker to have the required experience and exposure that is related to the areas like Unix/Linux and some other programming languages like – Perl, C, LISP or Java or even invest some time with the databases such as SQL. To get the Ethical Hacking Certification.