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Mobile Phone Reception In A Basement

Tips To Increase Mobile Phone Reception In A Basement

How can I improve the signal in my Cell Phone? This question represents a lot. A surprising number of people have an office, workshop or other workspace in a basement, or living in an apartment in the basement.

Obtaining a reliable cell signal in these spaces is generally problematic because a ground level is below ground level (duh). If you occasionally look at our blog, you probably read one of the messages we remind readers that the mobile phone signal is working along the line of sight.

If you are underground in a basement, there is obviously no clear line of sight at the signal source of the cell tower that your phone tries to connect.

Tips To Increase Mobile Phone Reception In A Basement

And that’s in a nutshell, why it’s usually hard to get a good cell reception in a basement. Fortunately, there are some tips below that you can try for free, which can improve your cell signal below the level. In addition, there are proven technologies that, at a price, can solve the problem of cellular cell reception.

Quick Tips

The first thing you need to do is contact your mobile operator and resolve your situation. They may not be ready to help, but they may also suggest possible solutions.

If there are general reception problems in the area where you live or work in the basement, your operator is likely to be more willing to help you than if there is a perfect cellular signal outside of the building that is not in your basement. If so, you’re probably only.

Tip 1: Keep your phone charged. A low battery can have a negative effect on your phone’s ability to get a signal and hang it.

Tip 2: If there is a case on your phone, you must turn it off and test to see if your reception is better without it. Sometimes, a case partially blocks partial signals from reaching the internal antenna of your phone.

Next steps to try

If you receive your cell, you always need help, try using your phone in different areas of your cellar space, for example, through a window. You can find a lovely place where your reception is better. You can create a fast signal card from your basement so you know where the signal is best (and worst). Learn more about creating a signal card.

Another possible solution is the Wi-Fi call. All newer smartphones and all mobile operators in the India make calls and burglary Wi-Fi messages. And of course there are some email programs available that support both audio and video calls. So if you have a solid Wi-Fi coverage in your cellar space, the Wi-Fi call can be an excellent replacement for the mobile network.

Signal Boosting Solutions

Devices that can provide boost mobile signal in your basement space are divided into two basic forms: microcells (sometimes called femtocels) and cell signal amplifiers. While both can produce a solid cell signal in your basement space, they work differently. This can be important to you as the way these devices work can help you choose one that is the best solution for your particular situation.

A mobile telephone signal amplifier, sometimes a cell repeater or cell signal amplifier, operates by collecting tower cell signals with an antenna (tower antenna). These signals are transmitted along the coaxial cable to a booster unit which amplifies them and distributes them in your cellar via another antenna (via another antenna) so that your phone can connect. The process is completed in reverse order to send the signals from your phone to the cell tower.

The microcells work almost like a small cell tower. They create a cellular signal located in your basement. But they need a high speed internet connection to work. They also work only for your specific operator so that anyone with a mobile service can not benefit from another operator. In addition, your phone must be synchronized with the microcell device. Any unsynchronized phone can not use the microcell signal. To learn more about microcells, go here. Does a microcell signal work?

If you can go outside your building and use your phone without any problems, a signal amplifier will probably work well for your cellar space. The consideration is that in most cases you need to mount an antenna outside your building to collect cellular signals available outside and put them in the basement. Know to more about mobile signal booster.


  1. Keep your phone charged. A low battery can make it difficult to obtain and maintain a signal.
  2. If there is a case on your phone, remove it and test to see if your reception is better without that.
  3. Get a microcell that uses your broadband connection to make a cell signal. Or, if this is not appropriate for your situation:
  4. Give Wifi an attempt. If you have a solid Wifi in the basement, it might be an excellent replacement for using the mobile phone
  5. Try to use your phone in different places of the cellar space, for example through a window. You can find a good place where the reception is better.
  6. Get a cell signal amplifier to collect and enhance existing signals available outside of your building.