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How to Make Friends While Traveling!

How to Make Friends While Traveling!

It’s so cool to meet people when traveling. They say, you can always make friends in the local bars and crowded hostels. That’s not to say hostels are bad. But there are more places where you can meet interesting people from all over the world. 


Even solo travelers have a chance to have fun in good company. Do you really believe that traveling solo you are hopelessly alone with no chances to make friends? That’s not necessarily true. You may really love traveling solo but this can’t stop you from meeting people too.

Go for a Multi-Day Trip

This is the best way to travel solo, sharing transport with others. By the way, such a trip comes to mind when you want to visit many countries in a short time. You join a bus tour and spend most of your time together with co-travelers, sharing the same activities, emotions, and meals. The group tour lasts for a few days and this is the fastest way to make friends. 

Do you like the idea of multi-day tripping? Rent a car, grab your friends, your friends’ friends, and organize your own trip in a company of 5-10 people. The day promises well, and you can even learn how to control the situation when traveling for a long time and distance. Even traveling in a group of people can’t stop you from meeting new people and making even more friends. 

Montmartre Cafes

Here are some of the ways to make friends while traveling solo or in a group:

  1. Live in a Hostel

Of course, looking for a place to meet other people, book a hostel. When traveling in a group, a hostel is the cheapest variant of staying in a new place. Solo travelers also prefer hostels to different hotels because it is really fun. Where to meet people? As everyone knows, the hostel is full of communal areas you have to share with other occupants such as kitchen, laundry, guest room, pool territory if there is any. It’s really hard to stay alone! Nevertheless, most hostels have well-equipped private rooms and additional luxurious amenities. Traveling with your family, consider 9 passenger van rental with Stay in the hostels privately with friends and families not sharing your room with strangers. Want to make friends? Go to the kitchen or hostel bar.

  1. Take Excursion Tours

Don’t worry if you prefer more private territories than hostels. There are other options! How about booking an excursion tour? Wherever you go, there are places especially attractive for tourists. You can book a tour everywhere and enjoy spending time with people. Do you want to learn the language? Book a language tour. Are you fond of local museums? Take a museum excursion.

  1. Visit Local Bars and Nightclubs

If you are young and adventurous you should dive into the local nightlife by visiting nightclubs and bars. You can go for salsa nights, pool parties, food tours, anything you are interested in. Leave your rental car in the parking place and join the group. Just go online and learn about the group excursions beforehand. 

  1. Try Couchsurfing

You can use different Couchsurfing apps just to meet people. Forget about sleeping on a stranger’s sofa. Of course, people usually use Couchsurfing applications to find a place to stay for a night or two in a new city. But people also may use this app for meeting people, chatting, sharing pictures, and information. Even planning to rent a car and visit one or another city on your own, contact locals to learn about the best-visited places, interesting cafes, and hotels to stay in.

  1. Stay Socially Active

It’s natural to use your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media for making friends. There are also special groups for travelers, solo travelers, and for traveling girls. Feel free to message someone, ask everything you want to know about a new place, or even join their travel group.

Texting in the Rain


Whenever you are, you should be open to meet new people, give your help, share emotions.

Body Language

Body language is extremely important. Every time you talk to people, you can double down your attitude, emotions by using your body language. You may use your hands, smile, and have a positive attitude. It’s so easy to stay in touch with people if you show them your interest in what they say and do.


You can’t make friends until you start to communicate with them. Even renting a car, try to establish contact with a rental manager. Just be open to starting the conversation easily. This is how you can get answers to all your questions. Just be respectful and remember that people can be tired or upset.

You can’t make friends with each and every person you meet on your way. But you can try to stay in touch with people you are most interested in. Don’t be afraid to make the first step. Believe in yourself and social media, and enjoy. 

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