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How To Optimize Your Content For Conversion

If you’ve been reading up on SEO and online marketing at all, then you’ll have been bombarded with at least 22 different ways to say or write “Content is King”, as per Marketing Donut. Content is very, very important. It can make or break your website. It can help search engines crawl your site and rank you better versus competitors, and it can help you attract more traffic. But if done inccorectly, it can bore or confuse your customers, and be a bane rather than a boon.

How To Optimize Your Content For Conversion

Good, high quality content is great, if you know what you need your content to do. Having good content alone isn’t enough, though.

Trust is Key

If you want your content to convert, the first thing you’ll have to do is build trust. Trust is truly key – it’s king, even. By writing content that makes people trust you, you can assure them that what you have to say is valuable, truthful information. Given that, they’ll trust that your product is better than what your competitors have on offer.

That’s how you convert: by being the best. It’s a little straightforward, but the real goal to optimizing your content is by turning it into content that people can trust and rely on, so they come back to you for information and, eventually, products.

Focus on Quality

If you want people to trust you enough to believe you when you tell them that they have a good reason to buy what you’re offering, you’ll want to make sure that they can take you seriously. To come through as serious and professional, you need serious and professional content. Cue editors.

No matter whether you do your own writing or hire a professional and affordable website SEO company like SEOTuners, writing is never a one-person job. Quality writing comes from an editorial process that guarantees you no spelling mistakes, duplicates, grammatical errors, formatting issues, or blatant guideline/style transgressions.

Carry Authority

Another step towards establishing trustworthiness in content is by establishing yourself as a voice of authority. You should do this through link building, by listing reliable sources, and by offering useful, actionable information.

As per HubSpot, a quarter of SEO happens off-page. Link building is an integral portion of building authority for your content, and it’s also a pretty tricky portion. Unless you’re already established in your niche or industry, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Write a Good Call-to-Action

The final piece for a great plan towards making your content convert leads into sales is by getting a call-to-action in it. Call-to-action, as per CopyBlogger, is all about keeping it simple, and entertaining the customer’s base instincts. Say you’re offering tips for home cleaning as a provider of cleaning solutions. In this kind of scenario, don’t forget to remind customers that if they’re looking for great-smelling products to help them clean their homes and keep them hygienic, they should check out what you’ve got on offer. You could also just give them the option to buy, with an attractive button.

Content can be tricky. Great content is a boon, bad content is a bane, and there are many shades of grey in between. Calling the professionals to help you trim your content and brush it up to help convert your unique traffic into loyal customers is a great solution.