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How & Why Parents Should Monitor Instant Messengers

How & Why Parents Should Monitor Instant Messengers?

Social media platforms in the shape of instant messengers are very popular among the youth no time ever before. The latest smartphone technology is widely adopted by the young teenagers; parents are also one step ahead purchasing these tech gadgets for their young kids and teens.

When these technological devices connected to the internet, it provides facility kids and teens to interact with the whole world through plenty of social websites and instant messaging applications. No doubt these social messaging applications enable long distance friends and relationships to communicate with each other through texting, messaging, chatting, audio and video calling and photo and video sharing and many other things.

How & Why Parents Should Monitor Instant Messengers

The uses of this instant messaging application for a real social purpose is very good, but when it becomes an addiction and young kids use social platforms for fun or as a hobby then it really makes a difference in a negative way. Young kids start losing their health and got some serious health hazards and also got victimize by stalkers, online bullies and dozens of others issues which seriously affects the behavior of the young kids and teens in following ways.

Health Issues:

The young kids and teens that use instant messengers all day long most probably have psychological and physical health issues such as depression, anxiety, peer pressure, ill sleeping patterns, eye infection and many other chronic diseases. Young kids use to of playing video games, texting, messaging chatting, group chatting and sharing content on social platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Tinder, Vine, Line and dozens of others. Learn here about Teen Addiction Treatment.

Cyber bullies:

Online bullies are people who do bullying on the social media, they often looking forward to young teens to perform their evil motives. They use abusive language and send threatening messages in order to humiliate the young teens which resultantly cause young kids and teen’s depression. In few cases, teens have committed suicidal attempts within depression due to cyber bullying.


The trendy social media apps also contain carnal content openly without implementing the parental control on their social messengers. When young kids and teens see the pornographic content then they got addiction of it. So it’s the parent’s responsibility to set parental control on social media sites and application to save their young kids and teens.


Stalkers are the people who always in the hunt to chase especially young teens in order to play with their feelings and emotions. They usually present themselves as the decent guy in front of young teens by using decent language phrases to catch young teens on social media tools. When they got young teen’s trust then do request to meet them personally. So parents need to take care of their young kids by using mobile spy software in order to prevent health issues and all from all the digital media evils.

How can parents monitor all social media apps?

There is a number of monitoring software available in the tech markets such TheOneSpy tracking software along with the affordable price. Parents need to buy this software and they will have the power to spy on all instant messaging application with complete accuracy and efficiency. It has more than 130 features and also has the power to track 17 top instant messengers having dozens of powerful features. parents can monitor messages by using the spy on messages feature, track all messengers through IM’s social media logs feature, parents can spy on all visiting websites through internet browsing feature and they even can view sharing files with the help of view multimedia file feature of TOS software.