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In The Heart Of Dallas: 6 Family-Friendly Sights to Go by Car

In The Heart Of Dallas: 6 Family-Friendly Sights to Go by Car

Dallas is a relatively young city that boggles the mind with its fantastic urban landscape. The colossal skyscrapers soaring into the sky make it look like the scenery of a science fiction movie. And if you expect to see saloons and ranches here, we will disappoint you. Modern architecture will make you forget about the exoticism of the Wild West. 

However, Dallas is a great place to spend a family weekend or vacation anyway. So, pick up van rental Fort Worth right after arrival and hit the road. You will find many iconic landmarks in Dallas, while your rental car will take you wherever you want. 

Parks, museums, incredible architecture, and many other interesting places promise a great travel experience for you and your family. Well, book your rental car, and in the meantime, we will tell you where to go and what to see in Dallas!

Dallas Arts District 

In The Heart Of Dallas: 6 Family-Friendly Sights to Go by Car

The Arts District pioneered the Global Network of Cultural Areas, so this is a great place to start exploring the city. Its area is only 0.3 square kilometers, but here you will find the most significant sights of the city related to the visual, theatrical, and research aspects of art. 

In total, the Arts District is home to 13 organizations and facilities. These include the AT&T Performing Arts Center, which hosts opera and music events, classical and experimental theatrical performances, as well as ballets. Also, on the territory of the quarter, there’s a city exhibition hall with galleries, cafes, a bookstore, and many venues for all kinds of meetings and events. 

A particularly noteworthy building in the Arts District is the Roman Catholic Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe, a very beautiful and catchy building from the late 19th century.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden 

In The Heart Of Dallas: 6 Family-Friendly Sights to Go by Car

If you love wildlife, then don’t miss this wonderful place. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden are located on the southeastern shore of White Rock Lake. It offers a myriad of different gardens, while views of the lake and the Dallas downtown complement the amazing spectacle. 

On the 66 acres of the garden, you will also find a collection of over 2,800 unique flowers, trees, and shrubs. The arboretum is a complex of gardens, multi-level fountains, and cozy gazebos, where you will enjoy taking a walk. 

In addition, the Dallas Arboretum has an open-air stage, picnic areas, and a whole series of miniature replicas of residential buildings. They represent the ancient prairie village of Texas pioneers.

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

In The Heart Of Dallas: 6 Family-Friendly Sights to Go by Car

The modern architecture of Dallas looks simply amazing, and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is the best confirmation. The bridge across the Trinity River connects the Woodall Rodgers Freeway in city downtown with Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas. By the way, the notorious Santiago Calatrava designed the bridge.

Construction of the bridge began in 2007. It’s a cable-stayed bridge with a total length of 570 meters, while the length of the main span is 365 meters, and the height at the highest point is 122 meters. The bridge itself looks fantastic, but an even more beautiful element is a stunning 136-meter-high arch crowning the central span. It’s now one of the more prominent features of the Dallas landscape.

Fair Park 

In The Heart Of Dallas: 6 Family-Friendly Sights to Go by Car

Do you want to relax a bit in the fresh air? Grab your rental car and drive to Fair Park. This is not even a park, but a huge complex with an area of ​​more than 1 square kilometer full of entertainment and educational institutions. 

Now Fair Park is one of the most striking city attractions. Plus, it’s on the National Register of Historic Places. The park houses 9 museums, a concert hall, and the largest Ferris wheel in North America, surrounded by lush gardens and amazing fountains. 

Also, it often keeps conferences, exhibitions, fairs, festivals, and sports events. The park receives over 7 million guests annually. This once again confirms its incredible popularity among locals and travelers.

North Park Center 

In The Heart Of Dallas: 6 Family-Friendly Sights to Go by Car

This is a huge top-class indoor mall located at the intersection of Loop, 12 and I-75. It has about 250 shops and restaurants, which is a great set for big family shopping. The North Park Center was the first mall to be featured in Vogue, and its annual sales have a turnover of more than one billion USD. 

North Park Center ranks in the top-twenty list of the largest malls in the United States. Today it’s the center of luxury and exclusivity. Here you can find the boutiques of Carolina Herrera, Jimmy Choo, Escada, Christian Louboutin, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent, and many other world-famous fashion brands.

Reunion Tower 

In The Heart Of Dallas: 6 Family-Friendly Sights to Go by Car

The height of this observation tower is 171 meters, which makes it one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. The Reunion Tower is located in the area of ​​the same name and is part of the Hyatt Regency hotel complex. The thin tower appears to be even taller than it is, but it’s actually only the 15th tallest building in Dallas. 

What can you do on the tower? You can visit the 560 Restaurant by the famous TV chef Wolfgang Puck. It covers the topmost floor of the tower. By the way, the name “560” corresponds to the height of the tower in feet. 

One floor below you will find the GeO-Deck observation platform. It offers interactive displays with which you can get information about the sights of Dallas, the tower itself, the assassination of President Kennedy, as well as pictures from HD cameras of the city, etc. There are also telescopes with Dallas panoramic views.

How to Rent a Car in Dallas?

It’s better to book a rental car in Dallas online a few weeks before your trip. This will give you lower prices and a wider range of cars. Consider a large van for your trip as it has plenty of room for everyone. By the way, a big car doesn’t mean a high price – there are always some ways to save on passenger van rental on your next trip.

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