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Instagram Is Still Fashionable

Fashion might be one of the most competitive industries in the world. For designers, it’s incredibly difficult to innovate while staying relevant. That is, until they break through the middle and begin to really influence fashion in major ways. If you’re a designer, then you already know about this.

However, what you might not know is how much your fashion career depends on your Instagram image. You have a lot to consider, too. You need models, products, links to your online store, and even graphics celebrating occasions and sales that your followers need to know about. The key to maintaining all of this is consistency. However, it’s also about cultivating an image of success. You might have the most relevant fashion ideas in the world, but no one will care if your account doesn’t have any real follower base.

Instagram Is Still Fashionable

For these reasons, you might need some tips on how to take your Instagram account to the next level by working on making your brand consistent and building your follower base.

Starting with Posts

You need your posts to be informative so that you can educate your followers about the fashion items you’ve designed. This means that in each picture, you need to briefly describe the item of clothing or accessory quickly. Next, you’ll want to credit the model and photographer. This is very important because you need to create the appearance of working with a lot of professionals. Be sure you use models and photographers that also have great Instagram portfolios so that when a follower is redirected, they see an individual with a great image.

Once you find the right people for this, it will be easy. However, it might be wise to mix up your credits throughout chronological posts. This shows that you’re working on several projects at once and makes you appear busy and consistent.

If you own an online clothing store, you can link it in your bio (or account summary when followers tap on your account’s name and go to your home page) to grant easy access to the store. You can even link specific items to the corresponding URLs on your store’s page in posts, although these URLs can get long and sometimes clog up the post itself.

Building Follower Bases

As stated in the beginning of this article, you can make the most relevant posts in the world, but no one will notice unless you have a large follower base. It can be hard to get followers to take interest, especially if you’re just starting out. In these cases, it’s a good idea to try a paid growth strategy. Try looking online for a company that offers real Instagram followers for a paid subscription. It’s imperative that they be real followers, as Instagram does not tolerate fake accounts any more.

Once you start with paid growth, you can expect to see organic growth increases as well. Organic growth means growth without targeting someone specifically. It takes time to reap the benefits from organic growth, but if you create a good blend of consistent posts and utilise the advantages of paid growth, you can expect your natural growth to take off shortly after.