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Mimri – Good For Business Purpose

Social networks are nowadays very popular and almost everyone is using this. Mimri is a social video network where you can share your videos, pictures. You can store information on the cloud storage without using space of your own device. Social networks are used for the interaction and communication in an easy way. This is used worldwide and you can be in touch with anyone across the globe. Here on mimri, several people can share their thought, videos, pictures and audios all together. This can be used for business purpose; you can post video of your products to the probable customers present online.

Mimri is available in mobile app too for android and iOS users. You can use this app for fun in order to chat with your friends and relatives. You can have a video conference with 10 people altogether. This is completely free app and no payment is done here while it is used worldwide. You can fix a date also with this app with another user. Through this app you can save your time because it gives you all the information and news just make a social profile on it, follow friends and give like and comment on videos and audios posted by them. You can receive and send huge data upto 1 GB.

Mimri – Good For Business Purpose

The best part of this app is that they provide you storage. Thorugh this you can access your video, audio, picture anytime. It helps you to create memories and allow you to obtain it anytime. You can share video of high resultion to another device. Group can also be created on this platform and people can have group chats. 200 members can be in a group and it also gives you encryption feature. You can share any data with your friends and relatives without knowing to others.

This app works rapidly, provides you privacy and security too. Learn the encryption technique and no one will be able to understand that message, even if they are operating your mobile. So you can absolutely enjoy this app on personal and professional level. This is one of the best video social platforms and helps you to create recollections. So you can save them as they happen and can access them anytime. Those memories can be shared with your loved ones too. So use the unique and funny features of this app.