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Samsung Galaxy S7: Best Features and Specs

The admirer of Samsung increasing day by day and it is the most used mobile phone across the world. Samsung is amazing in delivering best and know to remain in spotlight. Therefore, waiting is always amazing in case of Samsung phones rather than other company’s phones.

Samsung Galaxy S series is noticeable and has built its potential with its presence. If you will check its description of previous releases then Galaxy S4 was the smartphone of 2014 and still getting nice review about its performance. S5 was unable to do the same all due to its few drawbacks like no battery life, no specific design and no storage capacity etc.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Best Features and Specs

Recently the release of S6 has spread its magic amazingly and created more hope among people for Samsung. S6 is giving its best in its own manner. We are expectingit and even more from and see what Samsung has to offer in case of S7.

Get the updates of Galaxy S7.

Specs of Galaxy S7


4GB RAM is not a common thing for any smartphones as laptop is not having suchcapacity what S7 is having now. Samsung Galaxy S7 may create some makeover after noticing Apple what it has to provide us in terms of space.


The phone is having Exynos processor with the 64 bit. If you will notice its speed then it carries a 3.5 GHz. Increase your fun with the more speed experience on your worthy phone.


The internal memory which is 128 GB seems to be incorrect about S7 is having as it can provide us more as Galaxy S6 is already carrying 128 GB.

Features of Galaxy S7

I am updating you only those features, which is so far new for the device.

30 MP Cameras

30 MP Camera is extra so you can have unlimited fun by using camera. GigaPixel feature will give you privilege to shoot more pictures with its awesome clarity over it.


It has Amoled display 4K, 5.5 inch.


5G Network is something you cannot expect in the phone. As 4G network is so huge to be connected peacefully. 5G networks will certainly make all users to be happy to have browsing without encountering any hassle.


Sensor feature is something very uncommon and new for the smartphones. Now your phone can keep you updated about your body temperature and that is so accurate.

Waterproof Tech

Water is something you want to keep your phone at arm’s length so waterproof feature is here to work on your this problem. S7 is dust-free as well.


Samsung Galaxy S7 price is expected to be $999.

In 2016, Galaxy S7 will be present and will deliver its best to please you all the way.The Galaxy Note 5 release date will be in Oct 2015.