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Advantages Of Online Marketing vs. Traditional Media

People are now shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing to expand their marketing campaign. This is because when advantages of digital marketing are laid out, it is very easy to see that digital marketing is more reliable and cost effective. With over 2 billion people using the internet, it is easy to know why most of the people use digital platform to market their business. Below are 9 advantage of digital marketing over traditional market outlets.

Advantages Of Online Marketing vs. Traditional Media

  1. Reduced Cost

The cost of starting an online marketing campaign is 10 times cheaper than advertising on television or magazines. In addition, online ads only run for limited period of time while digital marketing delivers long term results. By using pay per click advertising and search engine optimization, you can greatly reduce your marketing cost.

  1. It is Measurable

It is very difficult to know how many people read your ad when you use traditional marketing method such as putting an ad on newspaper or magazine. However, with online marketing, you can easily track your sales because everything is illustrated by a detail graph that illustrates leads and sales conversations as well as traffic growth. You can also use traffic analysis such as Google analytic to calculate your return on investments.

  1. Demographic Targeting

Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing can target and measure the response of audience from a specific demographic region. This can help you target regions where customers are willing to buy your product. Instead wasting your time and resources in channeling regions where people do not want to hear about your products.

  1. Real Time Results

With online marketing, you actually don’t have to wait for months or years before you know the progress of your business. With a paid search marketing campaign, you can actually see real time results that enable you to fine tune your marketing techniques to achieve the desired result.

  1. Refine Your Strategy Easily

Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing has tracking tool and marketing analytic that you can use to test your conversion rates. This means that you can easily refine your marketing strategies if they are not bringing the return on investment that you desire.

  1. Long Term Benefits to your Investment

Online marketing will help you achieve long term benefits on your investment once your website visibility is well established. Well established sites have low maintenance cost and high profit margin because of their high visibility.

  1. Product Information

Many consumers nowadays want to read customer reviews and opinions from trusted bloggers before they make decision to buy specific product. This means that you can provide linkable information that is of high quality that people are looking for, then you can easily convert users into paying clients.

  1. Less Intrusive

Nowadays, most people dislike traditional marketing method that comprises of marketing methods like prints, mailing and television advertisements. Although traditional advertising method can still be useful to large established corporations, it is actually not an effective method for small and medium sized businesses. Online marketing enable small businesses to strategically target where there customers are.

  1. It Holds People Attention

The truth is that most people don’t read magazine and newspaper in detail. However, with online marketing, you can actually take advantage and encourage visitors to take action to visit your website and read more about your products and services.