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Blue Coat Security

Security and Protection Through Blue Coat

There were numerous customers for Blue Coat when you think of Network, Security, and the Cloud solutions. Some of the Customers were like Communication and Media, Distribution, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, and services. Communication and Media for the Telecom and Commination were counting on Blue Coat because of the security they get from their sensitive customers and the business information. There is no chance of losing their data over the cloud in driving the effectiveness of their services and interactions with the customers. In the competitive marketplace, safeguarding the customer relationships is a key and the acknowledging the foundation in building the relationships will be a trust and the belief. The precautions taken care by the Blue Coat ensured the privacy of the customer data, including all the billing information and all the details which involved in the transactions and the business process.

Blue Coat Security

The Security Model from Blue Coat on the Cloud

Telecommunications and the digital communications providers are using the tokenization and encryptions within their network for years to limit the sensitive customer data flows. But, now a day, Blue Coat brought the concept which extended the work with public cloud SaaS solutions. These innovations have solved the key issue of the encryption/tokenization. When the data in the cloud is tokenized it breaks the critical cloud application functions. When you try to pull a customer’s data on the cloud through the last name of the customer, the data will show or replaced with the token value in the cloud system, but the gateway allows customer details with all the necessary information by tokenization and encrypted before it comes to the Telecommunication own data centers to and fro. The preservation that is between from and to, have been handled by the Blue Coat System. This Blue Coat system providing the users without going into the provider’s shoe in taking their sensitive information out of their span of control.

Research on Data over the Cloud for Communication Providers

Many businesses of the telecommunication firms got contracts to give services to large federal government agencies. To stay cost competitive, cloud services made it possible, but the data stored need mandate specifying that they cannot be stored or processed from the cloud because of the sensitive information. So this case is taken into the providers and given troubleshoot services to access the data. So, they were trying to find software solutions to use the portion of the services, the financial model was not consistent with the constraints. Therefore, additional researches were conducted by the industry analysts to see the solutions keep their data on the cloud without harming their systems. Finally, they came to a conclusion that they can store and access the data through Cloud Data protection Gateways. Now, Blue Coat worked with the team in giving solution for the all the enterprises to store and access their data on the cloud on the Blue Coat Cloud Data Protection Gateway so that their sensitive date of all the telecommunication service providers.