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Google Pixel 2

Speculations Related To Google Pixel 2!

People are discussing that Google Pixel 2 would be a wonderful Smartphone. No wonder it would be. But why there is more expectation from only this upcoming model? Well, we can say that it is mainly because Pixel had high price. Google has realized the reasons behind the issues with Pixel. Hence, Google is all set to bring complete enhancement and novel features in its upcoming model.

Google Pixel 2

Let’s study it in details:

Introduction: The upcoming model of Pixel series would be fabulous in every way. It would certainly come with improvements related to battery, camera, processor and would also have many surprising features. People are sure that it would come before the Barcelona’s technical show, but we have good news for you. The Smartphone lovers will be able to buy this alluring model very soon, as its release in on cards at the end of 2017.

Price: We are very much aware of the fact that the disclosure of the Google’s products before they are launched in the market is next to impossible. But surely we can speculate it close to 649.

Design: Well the most captivating features of Google’s Smartphone are their stunning appearance. We can expect Pixel 2 to have a gorgeous metal and steel body.

Body (Build): It can have an astonishing waterproof body. The improvements in the microSd slot are quite sure. It would definitely have better battery life. It can have curved technology. But we can be sure about the reversible USB Type C.

Memory: It may have astonishing 4GB RAM.

Storage: You would possibly get a choice between 32GB and 64 GB in Pixel 2.

Processor: There is a wide discussion that this time Google may not continue with Qualcomm as the Snapdragon 810 was faulty. Internet rumors are even suggesting that Google is planning to have its own processor. Well, Snapdragon 82x is on cards this time.

Screen: It would possibly have a wonderful 5in screen, which would have AMOLED technology.

Extra Specifications: As Google has always strived to impress the users by adding new gadgets and gizmos. This time we are expecting Fingerprint scanner along with previous one in Google Pixel 2, IR Blaster and heart rate monitor.

Camera: The camera can be a huge one, which would have better optical image stabilization and a wonderful 20 MP sensor.

Software: Google User Interface, TouchWiz and excellent Android v7 would be surely preloaded in it.

So this was all about the speculations related to Pixel 2, the more in this context would be known only on its release.

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