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SyncMate – Amazing Mac Sync Software

The number of Mac users is increasing day by day because of the features of Mac. Using a Mac device is a privilege for most of the people. Earlier, only one problem was associated with Mac and that is the problem of synchronizing Mac with other devices. Mac synchronization was not easier earlier but now this problem is resolved because of SyncMate. SyncMate is amazing sync software especially designed for Mac. No other sync tool can take its place. The features that are associated with SyncMate allow Mac syncing in a very easy way.

SyncMate - Amazing Mac Sync Software

Sync Mac with your Online Accounts

SyncMate syncs data available at your online accounts as well as in cloud storages. You can sync and manage data which is available at your Drop box account, Google account and drive with the help of SyncMate. SyncMate also allows you to backup all your data easily.

Smart Sync Tool

SyncMate is a smart sync tool. It immediately saves all the changes that you made in your data to provide you what you actually want. SyncMate is user friendly software. It is a simple and convenient Mac sync tool. Anyone can use SyncMate easily. It allows you to sync Mac with numerous devices. You can connect your android device or iOS device with your Mac device for syncing data. Instead of using separate sync tools in each device, you can use SyncMate that supports all devices.

Keeping numerous files in sync among Macs can be a real headache, but you’ll avoid the problems if you have SyncMate. SyncMate will sync the whole folders with files among your Macs! And you can sync folders in real time!

Are you an owner of several Macs and you need to keep contacts and calendars synced with all of them? SyncMate will do this for you for FREE. Just download and install SyncMate Free edition and let it take care of your Address Book and Calendars synchronization.

We’ve said enough about data which can be synced among your Macs. But we haven’t told you yet about the possibility to sync this data automatically! Yes, this is also possible with SyncMate. Surf your favorite websites on all of your Macs without bookmarking each link manually, as with SyncMate your Safari bookmarks will be flawlessly synced among them.

SyncMate offers you full accessibility on the data that is available in your device. You can read your messages and manage them also directly with your Mac device by using SyncMate. The auto sync feature in SyncMate keeps your data fresh. Background Sync feature allows you to hide the sync screen to do other work on that device without any type of disturbance.