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Time to Relocate? How to Find The Right Community When You Move Long Distance

Time to Relocate? How to Find The Right Community When You Move Long Distance

Long distance moves come with a new set of challenges that you might not have experienced before. While you might already have a job lined up or have a preference for a city, you may be unsure of how to pick a good community when you can’t visit the local amenities in person. Fortunately, you’ve got several ways to make finding the right community easier, and working through these steps will leave you feeling more confident about your upcoming move.

Make a List of Your Preferences

Are you tired of apartment living? Do you want to live somewhere that is your own and that doesn’t belong to somebody else? Owning your own place can be an amazing and freeing experience. No longer will you have to worry whether or not hanging up a treasured picture or otherwise redecorating is going to be something that angers the owner of where you’re living. Aside from the type of house you are looking for, there are other aspects of the location to consider.

If you are moving, then it is likely that you may have some new needs that you want met by the community that you move into. For instance, you might have several children that need a good school. Or, you may be looking for a senior-friendly atmosphere that focuses on a healthy lifestyle. Putting together a list of your preferences helps you to check off each one as you explore a community.

Work With an Established Local Real Estate Team

It can be confusing trying to find the right home that will be just perfect for you and your family. When you can’t be there in person just yet, it helps to rely on people who are there every day. A real estate company, such as The Georgia Club Realty, will have an established team with plenty of experience in the realty industry. Choose one that is located near where you want to live and that will be able to fill you in on all of those details that you can’t see online. Just give them a list of your preferences, and they can help you find a community that meets each one.

Once you actually find a single family home that you like, without a professional you may have a hard time finding out how to even make an offer on it. With the help of a qualified professional, all of these steps are going to be greatly simplified. You tell the real estate agent or service what you’re looking for and they will do their best to find you a place that matches what you want as closely as possible.

Investigate Local Schools

Before you purchase a single family home, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the schools in the area and which ones are considered better/worse than others. Even if you have no school-age children and don’t plan on changing that for some time, being in a better school district usually means a lower crime rate and a better value for your home if and when you decide to sell it in the future. Even an average school is going to be better in the long run than a poorly performing school district. Thinking about aspects that will increase your resale value is so important, particularly if you are planning on moving again in the future.

Choose a Club-Oriented Community

A club-style community is one that is based around common activities that your neighbors also love to enjoy. For instance, you might live near a golf course where you can play a round with your new neighbors. This type of atmosphere makes it much easier to make new friends. If you are moving long-distance, having friends who live close by will make the transition so much easier. There may also be a clubhouse where you can enjoy lunch with a friend or host a celebration and fitness centers that help you stay in top shape. 

View Neighborhood Amenities Online

The internet offers valuable insight into what a neighborhood is like when you are trying to relocate to a distant area. You can go online to see images of a prospective community and its amenities. As you do, make sure to check out the amenities that matter the most to you. Seeing well-maintained facilities helps you to know that it is a community that cares about maintaining property values and fostering new friendships.

Check Crime Maps

Large municipalities usually offer a website where you can see what types of calls the police had to respond to in the recent past. When you are looking at these and comparing them with the location of a single family home that you’re interested in, you shouldn’t automatically dismiss a home in a neighborhood that had a call or two. There are different levels of severity. A single domestic disturbance around the corner is usually nothing to be concerned about, while multiple robberies and/or murders are going to be things you probably want to avoid. 

Once you find the right community, your next step will be to decide whether to build a new home or purchase one that is already on the market. Making sure to continue to work with your realtors helps you to make the right decision. Soon, you’ll be able to look forward to heading to the golf course or taking your kids to the perfect school in your new neighborhood.

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