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Top Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies to Attract New Patients

Cosmetic and plastic surgery has become much more widely expected in recent years which has made it increasingly popular, especially after the lockdown there was an influx in patients wanting something done to them. Despite the influx of patients, it is becoming increasingly difficult for surgeons to gain a hold in their market. More people are now considering their options and are weighing up whether they can afford it, whether it is convenient for them or not as well as whether the benefits are worth it which is making it an even more competitive industry. 

A lot of information is on the internet regarding the different types of treatments available and more information on costs, maintenance, and much more. The surgeons who are showing more authority across multiple channels will be doing well as they are meeting their customers on a deeper level which in turn increases the chance of new patients. In this article, we will go through some of the top plastic surgery marketing strategies to attract new patients.  

Target Higher-Value Potential Clients

The ideal patient to have cosmetic surgery is someone with enough expenditure as well as mature enough to invest the time, and energy to go for the service. One of the best places to meet your audience is Facebook, we say this because many older generations stick to Facebook rather than other social media platforms. The other benefit of Facebook is that you can significantly niche down your targeting to demographics, income level, relationship status, shopping behaviours and much more. Facebook is a great place to start and then move onto Google ads as this helps to segment further. 

Stay Connected With Previous Patients

You will have previous patients that are extremely happy with their treatment. These people are the best advocates for your practice and work well as testimonials. Word of mouth is always better than seeing reviews online. If they are happy, there is no reason why they won’t tell people about you. The trick with this is to remain consistent and feed them news about the services or practice so they can share it with others. Staying connected with them through a range of newsletters, social media posts, texts and emails with the latest deals and achievements will ensure that you are not forgotten about and be the first surgery they think of in a topic of conversation. 

Improve Relationships With Unhappy Patients

You are inevitably going to have patients who are unrealistic about results and are unhappy with the outcome. For this reason, it’s essential to stay in communication with the patient to help keep a long-lasting relationship. You could offer a free appointment through a phone call. This is then your opportunity to help them understand the procedure and understand reality. To prevent this from happening, it is best to show results similar to what they are after so they understand what to expect. 

Offer A Free ‘Photoshop” Consultation

Many prospective clients will be nervous about having any type of cosmetic surgery due to having a “botched job”. There is a way to help patients feel more comfortable with their decision. The best way to reduce their worries is to show them exactly what they are going to look like after the surgery. This will then ensure that the patient will have no doubts or worries regarding their surgery and will help them to visualise the expectations. There are many editing software such as Adobe Photoshop where you can take a picture and edit it accordingly. Visually being able to see the results will ensure they feel confident using you. 

Build A Website That Converts Traffic To Enquiries

If you have not already got a beautiful website that is user-friendly and optimised for search engines, you are losing a huge segment of the pie. No matter where or how potential customers hear about you, they are going to want to visit your website to learn more about you. It needs to be well-optimised for search engines as people will not be able to find you. For example, if you provide a mummy makeover, then have a page on your website for this and all of your other services should have separate pages. You should also have enough content on there to persuade prospects to become clients. Before and after images, pricing and options should be on your website too.  

Utilise Paid Search for Instant Enquiries

Local search results are key for a long-term goal as we discussed in the previous point. But often, you can’t just wait for organic traffic to come to you, you will need to ensure that you are actively doing everything you can to bring traffic to the site. One way of doing this is by using Google’s Pay Per Click advertising. PPC is where you bid on Google’s auction system to place an ad at the top of SERPs. The budget and placement will have a lot to do with it and it can sometimes be pricey, so look before you jump.

Establish Your Authority With Content

Content is king, especially when it comes to lead-generation websites. A cosmetic surgeon site is a lead generation website because people enquire about your services and book consultations. When you publish engaging content that gives your prospective patients relevant information, it gives you more opportunity to rank for specific keywords that will draw in more traffic. It also helps your surgery to create a brand with a blog which is exactly what potential patients will want. Creating a blog full of relevant news and guides with infographics will ensure users are not only looking for your services but are coming to you as a valid and useful source of information before they make any decisions. 

Track Your Visitors With Remarketing

One thing that is for certain is that prospective clients will not book a consultation on the first visit, in fact, they will come to your website around 5 times before they decide to contact you. For this reason, it’s important to have users be reminded of you. You can do this by installing a piece of code onto people’s browsers. This will then show any display ads that you have set out to them regularly.

Manage Your Reputation 

Your reviews are a huge part of your success and play an important role in persuading your prospective clients in making their decision. This is why it is so important to get as many positive reviews as possible to build your reputation. Unfortunately, some people won’t be happy with their results, so hiring someone to manage your reviews and analyse them thoroughly is a great way to help your reputation grow. 

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