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Turn Your Home Into A High-Tech Haven

Turn Your Home Into A High-Tech Haven

Remember when the first mobile phones came out and we were all amazed by super advanced games like snake and space invaders? Or the first computers with pinball and paint..? Well fast forwarding a couple of decades later and we are now here, in this moment, with technology so advanced that we can practically do anything with just a touch of a button. But it is not only about computers and phones. It is about the complete technological progress that enabled us to implement technology in every sphere of our lives and create our personal high-tech homes.

Turn Your Home Into A High-Tech Haven


*Clap clap* and they are on. You have seen this in movies where the characters control the light in the room with just a clap of their hands. It might sound surreal but it is not impossible. Its activation is based on sound but it also has an option of being controlled by a remote control device. Another quite interesting option is pairing your electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets to your wiring system. This would enable you to adjust the illumination in the whole house with a touch of a button. This can also be managed with the complete HVAC system as well with the curtains or blinds on the windows.

TV System

If you are creating a pleasurable living space that is completely equipped with the latest technology, there are a few essential things you must not forget. A home cinema with all the accompanying equipment is one of those things. For maximum experience, according to a company that produces home theatres from Gold Coast, beside the TV alone, a surround sound system is one of the key components. A TV projector along with a movie player is also a good choice if you are looking for the whole package. Do not forget your favorite game console, as nothing beats video games on a brand new home cinema.

Turn Your Home Into A High-Tech Haven


How can you create a high-tech haven without securing it first? Nowadays it is not only possible but quite desirable to have a quality security system installed in your home. This can be accomplished by installing a few video cameras both inside and outside of your home. You can also connect everything to your wireless network, your TV system and your electronic devices so you have complete control and overview in one place. An alarm system is also one of the crucial aspects of a quality security system. That way you will be sure that all your important assets are safe and sound.


Other than these major technological advancements, you could also add a few minor ones that could also change your life around. For instance, an automated bathroom where everything from the toilet to the shower is sensor activated is a great addition to an already upgraded home. For even more pleasure a remote control fireplace creates an astonishing setting in your living space. But that is only the beginning. A robot device that cleans and vacuums your home up to alarm clocks that brew their own coffee…Where does it end?

With technology progressing like this, soon enough everything around us will be sensor and voice activated, so our future generations will look upon us now and say: “Remember the old days where you had to push a button to adjust the volume?”