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Video Analytics In Security Explained

Video analytics help organization interpret security videos and data so that they can take immediate actions and make more efficient decisions.  They help detect intruders with greater accuracy and reduced cost and nuisance associated with alarms. The powerful integrated analytic applications are designed to pinpoint potential breaches and send video alerts to the relevant agencies for action. The systems process live videos in real time and can recognize predetermined behaviors and alert authorities. The analytics automates surveillance and eliminates the human error that is common in CCTV surveillance.

Video Analytics In Security Explained

At, software and computers are used to analyze video footage from a camera so as to detect illegal or possible terrorist activities.  The computer scans and looks for patterns that indicate the likelihood or possibility of a problem. If the patterns are found, the security personnel are alerted and required to respond to the situation accordingly.

Video analytics are widely applied in the commercial and public sector and can be deployed to detect congestion, intrusion, and loitering in casinos. They have a high level of video processing that stabilizes images by removing camera motion that can lead to and send false alerts. It does this by filtering movements from leaves, shadows, water reflection and trees. In fact, most of them can determine the actual size of the object and provide a thermal image regardless of the prevailing conditions.

Most analytics are calibrated and geo-referenced so as to provide the exact location, the size and the speed of the targets. It is critical for outdoor detection.

Application of Video Analytics

Motion tracking- behaviors such as loitering in a car park, approaching a security perimeter can easily be tracked and analyzed, and necessary information sent to the authority. This way, the video analytic can provide vigilance on a 24-hour basis.

In airports, it can be used to detect luggage or vehicles abandoned in a sensitive area.

In museums, it gives the operator an alarm when the gallery starts moving.

It can also be used to detect intruders approaching sensitive or high-security areas. Like airport runways, high-rise landmarks and railway tracks.

The direction of objects- it can be used to counter flows especially in cases where traffic is moving in the wrong direction. It can also be used to identify vehicles and people visiting areas that are under surveillance.

Tailgating access control- video analytics play a critical role in helping identify vehicles or individuals following another car or a person closely so as to get past the barriers undetected.

For counting purposes- it can be used to determine the number of people in a queue at the railway station or the airport. It also helps to calculate the number of persons visiting particular parts of a shopping mall and assist in calculating the rent.

From this discussion, it is clear that Video analytics play a critical role in enhancing security and can be used to deter criminals and stop terrorists from perpetrating crimes. For more information on Video Analytics, visit now!