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Where does the Position of Television Stand for Today’s Generation?

Television has long been a staple form of entertainment. Let us look at how it is changing today, and what are the expectations as the change unfolds? With the advent of the Internet, the cable cord has almost disappeared in every household. It has now been replaced with smart devices such as mobiles, laptops, iPad. At this age, you find people are so engrossed with devices that hardly you will find people sitting together as a family and watching shows together. Those were the days when we find TV only in a few households, and the neighbors used to flock in to watch shows together.

Every change has a positive as well as a negative impact. TV, too, has left no stone unturned.

Positive impact – You can watch your favorite shows anytime.

Negative impact – It has become more of a single orientation show and driven away from the togetherness of family, friends, etc.

The Internet has made things simpler you can watch old Hindi movies online. Gone are the days wherein either you collect cd or DVD’s or even wait for some particular shows to be watched at some specific time and day.

How has streaming services overcome television?

You must have heard a lot about Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon prime, and so on. All these are online streaming services, where you can watch your favorite shows, movies, and entertainment.

Today’s consumers want to watch shows whatever and wherever they want. Apple CEO, a few years back, said that the future of TV would become app dependant. However, it has shifted to streaming services, which has become a popular hit.

Content revolutionization

Due to the pricing package and convenience to the customer, it has caused an enormous success. Your customers might want instant access to the shows. Through Artificial Intelligence, the streaming services work based on your customer’s recommendation. With the growing number of streaming services, people are subscribing themselves, and the numbers of subscribers have increased dramatically, beating television viewers.

Streaming services have brought in a vast competition not only for television but also from movie theatres, video gamers, restaurants, and bars. Nowadays people hardly step out because of being glued to the smart device.

The future of TV is changing quickly, as customers crave for more personalized and convenient viewing content. The future of TV will be customer-driven and is going to differ vastly from the past.

Instead of waiting for the movies for long, you can watch online without interruptions of the commercials. If you want such survive, you will need to have a safe and secured internet service. Check out some free gaming VPN services that may provide free services.

But this trend might also not remain for long in the future as some new competitors will come up which is already there such as Airbnb. They will come with a super saver and exciting pricing offer, which will lure your customers to get people out of the house and away from the screen. The entertainment world of TV is an inflection

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