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10 Easy Tips for Living a More Organised Life

As you get older, you gain more responsibility. That is with life and with work. This can be very hard to manage at times, especially if things are unexpected. It can be anything such as your finances, family events or just your general day-to-day life. In some cases, it can be overwhelming and you will miss some things, however, there are a few things you must prioritise to keep on top of your organisation. This includes sticking to your sleep schedule, eating the right foods and not procrastinating important tasks with smaller tasks. All of this is very important.

Instead of attacking life head-on and hoping that you manage all of your tasks,  you need to have a strategy in place to keep you on track. For some people, this is easier said than done; however, there are 10 easy tips that you can follow to ensure you remain organised. 

Develop Good/Healthy Habits and Prioritise Them

The first on the list is to develop new habits that you know you can remain consistent with. These habits and routines are what help us keep organised. It can be anything such as getting a certain amount of sleep or exercise. Waking up at the same time every day, meal prepping your lunches on a Sunday, giving one day up a week for friends and family, have a healthy work and life balance. No matter what the habit is, you need to ensure it is healthy and keeps you in check. 

Plan In Advance

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail is a common saying that many people know. This is something you should live by to keep track of your life and remain organised. There is no such thing as over-preparation, especially if it is to help keep you organised. 

Using calendars and books to keep you aware of what you need to do that week is a simple but very effective way to stay organised. Give at least one hour of your time a week to plan for the next week ahead. This includes the small things such as washing your clothes, cooking your food, your dental implant appointment or speaking to a financial advisor. Whatever it is, make sure you make a note of it. 

Practise Natural Inclinations

It is all well and good to build healthy and natural habits but sometimes they don’t align with our lifestyles. You should only build habits that you know you will enjoy. For example, if you know you are an early riser, make sure you wake up at a certain time each day. If you enjoy running, set yourself a goal to achieve each week with the number of runs you complete. Don’t try to build a completely new habit that you may not enjoy. 

Remain Consistent

You should always try to be consistent, especially with developing your habits. Furthermore, don’t set unrealistic goals and prioritise consistency over perfection. Sometimes, we can quit too soon because we are not perfecting our craft. For example, consider exercising a certain number of times, eating out once a week, and save a small percentage of your money. Whatever it is, try to remain consistent with it to ensure you are staying organised and happy. 

Stay Balanced

Finding a healthy lifestyle balance is one of the harder tasks. Yes, you should work late the occasional night to further your skill but don’t do it too often. This can lead to burnout, stress and tiredness. To do this you need to not spend too much doing work, keep on top of your exercise routine, journal, spend time with family and friends, unwind alone and have plenty of sleep. All of these are great for keeping a healthy balance. 

Keep Your Priorities In Check

Prioritising certain tasks and events is something you will have to do. Don’t be afraid of saying no sometimes to friends and family, especially if it can affect other things in your life. Create a priority list and then work out what you need to keep on top of. Once you understand what is important to you, you will soon find it easier to say no to other people. 

Try to Simplify It All

If your mind is busy, it can be hard to be organised. That is why you must ensure you declutter your mind at times. Offload your thoughts by journaling to ensure you are not becoming disorganised. This includes physically, mentally and digitally. Keep on top of the things that are required and that you enjoy. 

Keep Track Of Progress

To ensure you stay on track, you need to monitor your progress to ensure you are on track. It doesn’t matter whether those goals are large or small, you should always monitor progress to stay motivated. If something is working, make a note of it and if something isn’t, stop doing it and try something else.

Review the week you have just had, measure your goals and set small goals to achieve the large goals. Track all of your time to ensure you are being efficient with it. 

Use Automation

Automation is another great way to stay organised, especially if you are quite forgetful. It doesn’t need to be a technical software or AI tool. It can be as simple as setting a reminder to tell you to do your washing or applying for a DRO to help pay off debts. No matter what it is, you should use automation to make things easier, you will thank yourself when the reminder goes off and you forget about it. 

Finally, Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

Life is only short so try new things if something doesn’t work. Just because journaling works for your idol doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. Sometimes your life can become a bit dry and that is why you must try new things. Whether it is something to improve your organisational skills or a new gym routine. No matter what it is, if it doesn’t work now then it may never work at all. 

To Conclude

There are many things you can do to ensure you improve yourself but being organised will be the most important and beneficial skill for your progress. There aren’t many hours in the week and it is very easy to lose time during the week. Make a note of everything you need to do and create a priority list for those tasks. If some things don’t need to be completed then put them at the bottom of the pile. Remember, develop habits that are suited to your lifestyle and you know you will enjoy. If you don’t you will soon notice that you are burning out and not enjoying life. Do things you enjoy to keep motivation and discipline levels high. 

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