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5 Practical Business Travel Mobile Apps

Traveling is one of the most fun and most fulfilling activities that you could possibly ever do, still there are many aspects of traveling that some people find annoying. This doesn’t mean that these people are simply negative or grumpy, it just means that they probably have to travel a lot due to the nature of their business, as well as that traveling for work is not nearly as easy as some people believe it is.

Still, in a modern era of technology there is seldom a thing that the right device in the right hands cannot fix. Since your mobile device is the office of tomorrow, make sure that you have equipped it and supplied it properly. Traditional office you would equip with appliances and furniture while your mobile device, phone or tablet you can enhance with apps. Here are several mobile apps that can make any business trip significantly easier and more convenient.


5 Practical Business Travel Mobile Apps

While on an international business trip, there is nothing more time and money saving than communicating via Skype application. The fact that you are out of the country doesn’t mean that you are on another planet which means that you will simply have to maintain communication with some people back home. The phone bill of doing so the traditional way puts this option completely out of question. Just find a free Wi-Fi and use the privilege of free calls from your Skype application. As simple as that.

XE Currency

5 Practical Business Travel Mobile Apps

Second application is strictly monetary oriented. This simple app will help you convert a price in local currency into a price you can understand and the other way around in no time. Although you may have the exact exchange ratio always in your head, when it comes to some seemingly insignificant amounts like tipping at the restaurant or the price of the cab, you may find yourself at a disadvantage. XE Currency is here to fix this for good and make sure that when it comes to monetary exchange in the foreign currency, you always have the upper hand; a notion that can often be invaluable for your budget.


5 Practical Business Travel Mobile Apps2

While we are still talking about monetary organizing your trip, Trippeo is second to none. This is an expense tracking app that lets you connect to your credit card and calculate your expenses there, but it also recognizes the price from a bill on a picture that you have taken. This way, by installing Trippeo on your phone, your tablet or even your laptop, you will be able to follow your expenses every minute and every step of your trip. This feedback, this fresh perspective on your money spending can prove quite valuable for your business trip. On top of all of this, Trippeo can also be used to monitor and book flights that you are about to take.


5 Practical Business Travel Mobile Apps

There are many reasons why today Uber is considered far superior to cab service. First of them is the fact that Uber is readier to meet the needs of their clients. Cab companies can often be crude, inaccurate or unprofessional where Uber is none of those things. Furthermore, when arriving at a new location for the first time you don’t know the local taxi companies and you don’t know the streets so renting and driving is often not an option, the only thing left for you to do is call uber from your mobile app, quick and simple.


5 Practical Business Travel Mobile Apps

As we already mentioned, when you find yourself in a new, strange city, the main problem lies in you not knowing your surroundings. This way, finding a restaurant might prove to be quite difficult task. By using your GPS and ZIP code, Yelp can help you track all restaurants in your vicinity with no trouble whatsoever. Truly an invaluable help on a business trip when you usually have no time to spare just wandering around looking for a place to eat.

The key to success is being ready to adapt and today this means embracing new technologies in fields of travel and doing business. The era of paper maps and relying on random strangers for help is long gone and by accepting this simple fact and embracing some or all of these apps you are already well on your way to making, at least this aspect of your life and business significantly simpler.