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60k IT Workers Lose Their Jobs In India

There has been workers’’ groups in India that have reported numerous layoffs according to The Washington Post. Now all of these companies will need to seek the best online reputation management companies to help save their brand so they can hire employees in the future. It is estimated that around 60,000 workers in India have lost their jobs in the past few months. Now what is happening is that most companies that are laying off the workers in India like Infosys and Cognizant have stated that they will increase their hiring in the US and maybe think that this is due to Trump’s commitment to revamping the H-1B visa program. People think that this is playing a huge role in these thousands of layoffs and that companies will start hiring locally rather than outsourcing their workers.

60k It Workers Lose Their Jobs In India

Many people also think that these 60,000 India worker layoffs are due to the rise in automation technology and a shift in the skills that are needed by these tech companies. Yet, employees have been rating their employees from India as poor performance so companies can get rid of them said FITE’s Chennai coordinator, Vinod A.J. Many IT companies and some government officials are saying that the numbers have been exaggerated but the industry experts say the country’s digital wunderkinds have much to fear.

Due to this bias against Indians abroad, this is also making more workers’ fears of layoffs and downsizing locally. India for many years has been the world’s back office, many companies have been taking advantage of outsourcing its IT industry and has taken care of Silicon Valley’s menial jobs. A study done by IBEF claims that 67 per cent of the world’s IT work is outsourced to India since all of the workers are known to be efficient, cheap and compliant. Now Indians are worried that they wont have jobs due to Trump putting an emphasis and restricting H-1Bs therefore there were 16 per cent of immigration cutbacks for companies.