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7 Social Media Tips For Business Owners

7 Social Media Tips For Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, you may not have much time to manage your social media presence. The assistance of a social media team or outsourced SEO company can help, but ultimately you need to make your presence known personally too. To that end, we’ll take a look at seven social media tips to extend your reach.

  1. Use multiple platforms to convey your message. You may be using only one platform to share your wisdom and tips. After all, if you rock Facebook or Twitter, then why concern yourself with your other choices? Unless you’re satisfied with the status quo, then don’t change what you’re doing. For everyone else, expanding your influence can only benefit your business. Add Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to your efforts this year.
  1. Vary your tweets. Twitter is a powerful resource for all things social media. But you only have 140 characters to work with and this can limit your efforts. Carefully consider how you will present each tweet. Use special characters and photos to stand out in a crowded segment. A photo containing content can give help you say more with less.
  1. Make and build connections. Social media is all about making and building connections. Certainly, you’re using these platforms to advance your own business, but don’t stop there. Consider the many people you come in contact with over the year as people you want to stay in touch with. The more active followers among them may be your customers, business partners, or collaborators. Never take them for granted.
  1. Be a principled player. Too many companies and the people who work for them are not principled. This means that these individuals do not stand for what they believe or if something goes wrong, they’ll distance themselves. You’ll earn a lot more respect if you not only stand for something, but take responsibility for your actions. If your business makes a mistake, then correct the problem. Offering excuses will only diminish your brand and your personal effectiveness.
  1. Hire a content writer. Let’s face it: you’re a busy person as are members of your team. Likely, you haven’t had the time you want to make a big splash with social media, therefore it is important to outsource your efforts as needed. One area to outsource is your content writing or at least a portion of it. Hiring a freelance writer to contribute work will extend your reach, especially as you share those updates via social media.
  1. Don’t forget your call to action. You can write the best content and share the most helpful tips, but if your customers don’t know what to do next, then you’re missing out on something profoundly important. And that something is your call to action. Make your call to action obvious and you’ll get more business. It is as simple as that. At the same time, if you have related content you want people to read, make sure you link to that content within the body of your articles as well as elsewhere on your website.
  1. Spread good cheer. The Internet is a great way to connect people, but the “mob mentality” is ever present too. There is always someone who is disgruntled — and perhaps with good reason — but there are many more people who are viscous and uncouth. Endeavor to spread good cheer in all that you do. You’ll attract like-minded followers and your customers will appreciate your goodwill.

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Know that everything you do online can benefit your business. Build a solid reputation for being a helpful contributor and your customers will take notice. Enjoy the ride as well as the increased business your thoughtful work provides. Lastly, when you need help, then check this list of the best SEO companies to aid your cause.