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Causes Of Fire In Residential Homes

For any house owner, house fire is one of the greatest nightmares. This accident can wipe out all your belongings and can also snatch your loved ones from you. In a few hours, you can lose everything in the fire. For preventing this mishap, you will have to plan, and for planning you will have to first identify the main causes of residential fire.

Electrical fires are most common and for keeping your house safe from this type of fire you will have to keep a safe and secure input and output system in your house for electricity. It is so because even a single spark in the presence of a flammable substance and air can create a lot of destruction. Generally the sparks originates or are formed from the power supply connector.

Though there are some other causes also but electrical fire is the most common these days. Residential fire causes a damage of approximately eight billion dollars; therefore, don’t let your house be a part of this statistical data.


The studies have shown that about 35% of all the fire accidents took place while cooking. For sure there is no surprise in this as cooking involves flame and furnaces which are ideal for accidents. The best way to stop the fire because of this is by giving attention and keeping the cooking appliances maintained and upgraded with all the safety devices. By keeping a watchful eye in the kitchen you can prevent fire outbreaks in your home.


Smoking is another reason of fire. People who smoke falls asleep while smoking and they forget about their cigarette. This lighted cigarette can result in fire and can burn down your house to ashes. The best way to eliminate the chances of fire because of the lighted cigarette is by avoiding smoking in the house.

Heating Devices

During the winter season, most house owners use heating devices for making the atmosphere inside house more comfortable and most of them leave the heating device running for a long period of time. This can result in fire and it should be considered as potentially dangerous practice. Always run the system when you are around. The best way to ensure that your heating system is safe and secure and will not result in any fire outbreak is by keeping the heating device well maintained and you should check whether it is running properly or not.

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