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Easy To Use Software To Monitor Everything

People are very serious about monitoring their adult age children. There is good news for parents. Now, they no need to tense about their children as they might involve themselves in any illegal activities. There is software called text spy which is going to end up all of your afraid. It is having several applications are explained as follows.

Easy To Use Software To Monitor Everything

  1. SMS Text messages:

It will give you ability to find out all messages which have been sent to or received from the target phone. Even you can find the deleted messages. It can be said as the highlight of that app.

  1. Call:

You may want to know about to what are all the contacts lists this phone has transmitted call or received. If it is the case, then you can find out all calls made to and made from. All information regarding the call such as number’s list to which the call has been made to or from and even the time, date and talk time.

  1. GPS Location:

It can also find the location of phone in the distance of 50 Feet.

  1. Social Media:

By using this software, you can also find out the messages received from several social medium like Instagram, facebook, etc.

  1. Photo and Video Logs:

It can find out the logs of photos and videos which have been sent.

  1. Website Visits:

If you want to check out what are all the websites to which the search has been done by your children, then this software will help you to achieve that.

  1. Lists of Contacts:

You may want to know about the lists of contacts which are saved in your children’s phone, you can use the text spy software. It will show you list of all contacts.

Additional Features:

It is also able to provide some additional features. They are as follows.

  • Social Media:

This app is common for all platforms such as facebook, twitter, Skype and various platforms.

  • Application Manager:

It will help you to see all installed and running apps.

  • Search Alerts:

It will give you knowledge about all searches made on the mobile device.

  • Block Application:

It can even block the installation of app on the target phone.

  • Snap Chat:

It will help you see all snap shots which are viewed.

Various Advantages:

It has an interface which makes everyone to use. Once if it is installed, then it can be used for various purposes. It can find all information. It is especially for parents to monitor the children and also for employers to ensure the Company’s resources are being used in an effective manner. If you start to use this software, you will automatically begin monitoring all activities. It provides entire support and full video tutorials to enable you to use easily.

Little Input From User:

It will be very easier to use. Even any people can start monitoring the activities within several minutes. It just needs to get downloaded. Once if it is installed, then one can begin monitoring.