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Intelligence…No Matter from The Brain or Artificial, Keeps Us On The Go!!

Intelligence- earlier all we could depend on for intelligence were our brains, nothing can do it better than those fifteen hundred grams of cells. Now that we have reached this era of all-in-one gadgets rather smart gadgets, there is a twist in the scene. Gadgets are termed to be ‘smart’, that is, at times they can do all of it, and all you need to do is just sit back and get things done with your fingertips. The twist in the scene is, you can let your brain rest for a while, and still get your calculations done within the blink of an eye.

Intelligence…No Matter from The Brain or Artificial, Keeps Us On The Go!!

Now, in today’s date, one cannot even think of waking up to a life devoid of mobile phones on the bedside tables. There was a myth, that gadgets are only for the tech-savvy lot, but here we can swear on the fact, that not all tech savvy people will choose to go without mobile phones, the most inevitable gadget, today. Neither the researchers nor the buyers are content with the present versions of their smart gadgets. There is always an updated version, the even smarter version of the smart gadgets. The possibly costliest example, is the iPhone 7S. People did not even come outof the ‘iPhone 6S ‘phase that the upgraded version of this pocket-burner had cast its spell.

Another section of the crowd has a fetish for the bigger touch-pads, that is, the smart tablets, of which i-pad has always been crowned as the much coveted. The upgraded versions of smart gadgets always steal the show with some new applications featured.Researchers are coming up with even newer and enhanced applications. As always, the brain is still the boss! Researchers are working on the iPhone app development as well as i-pad app development.

With each day passing, people are becoming more and more dependent ongadgets. Starting from smart phones, smart cars, artificial intelligence have taken it to basic needs as well, smart watches being the trendsetter. In case, your phone is not accessible enough at all the times, here companies like Apple, Motorola, Sony, have come up with this new set of smart gadgets- the smart wristwatches. Starting from navigation, text messages, data storage, to communication with wireless headsets- your smart watch can do it all. With the craze of tech-consumers, this smart gadget, that is, sport wristwatch has secured a place in the desirable good books of sportsmen. Apart from aiding in communication with your mobile phones, smart wristwatches are also able to check your fitness routine. ‘Sport wristwatch’ comes with a new feature of ‘activity tracker’, that is, the fitness tracker. These smart watches have built-in functions such asrecording lap times, displaying speed of the athlete, tracking routes, compatibility with the heart rate monitor and many more. While the sport watches are quite a pocket-pinch, there are smart watches which perform all these functions with the aid of a smart phone application.

As they say, there is always room for betterment; tech-consumers are also in the hunt for newer enhanced versions of their gadgets. In order to meet the quench of these people, companies are stillhiring new brains which are into new web application development as well as mobile application development.So, gadget lovers, keep your chin up and chew on the very thought of your new gadget applications!