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Experts’ Edition: 3 Best Android Spy Apps 2015-16—But Which One To Go For?

Experts’ Edition: 3 Best Android Spy Apps 2015-16—But Which One To Go For?

Whenever you go over the internet and try to find a product, it’s hard to find any review that categorically sums up which one is the best. Usually, it’s because of the personal anecdotes that keep people away from believing in what others say. But thanks to our expert’s team, who have deeply scrutinised almost every android spying app, will be providing you a completely unbiased solution to your smartphone monitoring needs. This read is specifically for Best android spy apps, but we will surely discuss compatibility of each app in detail.

There will be 3 spy apps that we will be discussing but our conclusion will sum up one absolute winner. We have focused on rating apps on the basis of their all-around performance, price and features correlation.


XNSPY is probably one of the newest spy apps that have been out there and certainly one of the best. From parental to employee monitoring, it does all. To use the app, all you have to do is to download and install it onto the target device that you want to monitor. After that, all you have to do is to monitor.

It has some excellent features that are perfect for employee monitoring. For example, manager’s biggest fear at workplace, regarding their employees is with the abuse of company’s emails and corporate data. XNSPY will watch over every email that will be sent or received. It can also access photos, videos and audio that the employees will be saving on their smartphones during work.

Experts’ Edition: 3 Best Android Spy Apps 2015-16—But Which One To Go For?

Within the parental monitoring spectrum, Xnspy offers GPS monitoring and geo-fencing. Parents biggest concern is their kids’ online and offline safety, and with this app, you can locate their real-time whereabouts and lock their movement with geo-fencing. For kids’ digital safety, the app will monitor web browsing history, and instant messengers like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik and Instagram.

And finally coming onto the price, Xnspy is one of the most affordable smartphone monitoring app that parents or managers will ever come around. With its just $8.33/month license fee, you can do all the aforementioned.

XNSPY is compatible with all Android and iOS devices

2. Mobile spy

This app is famous for its Live Control Panel which can be used to view phone’s screen in real-time. So whatever, the target user is up to, you can take screenshots of that. However, Live-screenshot is only available for rooted android devices. Apart from this, the app offers many other decent spying features including GPS monitoring.

Mobile spy isn’t the cheapest app around. The basic version starts from $16.67/month, while the premium one is available from $21.67/month. This app is compatible with iOS, Android and Blackberry devices.

3. Flexispy

When its about the most advanced spy app, Flexispy is the name that should come to your minds. This app has converged as the most sinister, spouse monitoring app, with little emphasis on employee or parental monitoring. It’s a great app with some very geeky features like password tracing and camera spying. If you want to get this app, you better know how to keep yourself out of legal trouble.

You can get the basic version of this app for $12.5/month, while the extreme one starts from $30/month. If you want more from your app, you can pay more and get this app. Also, the app can get really costly if you are not paying for the whole year’s subscription. Flexispy is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The Winner

When we consider everything like features, performance and pricing, there is one absolute winner—XNSPY. With its best price tag and decent set of features, Xnspy will not disappoint you. It’s safe and reliable and minimalistic, and amongst all other android spy apps, this is the best all-around app.