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Is Pinterest Marketing Beneficial In 2021?

Is Pinterest Marketing Beneficial In 2021?

Whenever someone talks about an image-sharing social media platform, “Instagram” often comes to mind. Simply because with 1.074 billion users worldwide, it stands tall as one of the major social media platforms. But there is another visual-based social media platform that enjoys its well-deserved popularity: Pinterest.

Pinterest has nearly 460 million users, making it the 14th largest social media platform. This platform is also a paradise for marketers as it has a huge user base and provides them with great opportunities to promote their brand and increase reach.

You can measure the platform’s impact as eight out of ten Pinterest users buy the product based on the brand’s content on Pinterest. But keep in mind that 97% of searches carried out on Pinterest are unbranded. That means Pinterest users do not search for a particular brand while browsing. In fact, they look for inspiration and new ideas. 

Hence, while using Pinterest, it is important to get products and brands on their feed. And by using the following strategies, you can effectively use Pinterest to your advantage.

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Pinterest Marketing strategies

Make a business account

Businesses should always opt to make a business account. Business accounts provide you with added facilities like analytics, Pinterest tags, Pinterest widgets and other handy marketing features. And while you are making a business account, optimize it as well. Optimizing means providing a unique identity to your business, it can be using the brand logo as a display picture, providing contact details, etc. 

It helps to build a strong relationship with the followers and customers and increases your brand recognition. 

Choose the right categories for your business

By choosing the right category, your content becomes more searchable, and if a user is looking to discover content similar to your business, he can easily find it. People often search for a specific category or occasionally go to the category section and consume all the content related to the topic. 

But keep in mind that you provide unique images and content for your audience; already, there is a huge competition on the platform. So use your creativity and produce content that stands out from the competition and attracts the users’ attention.

Build a community 

Communities bring people together, and the same can be replicated by making online communities. In addition, online communities help businesses in bringing like-minded people together. And this helps businesses in brand awareness.

You can expect your followers in the Pinterest community to consume your content, increase interaction with you, and make their way to the website.

You can also join a community and use the opportunity to promote your brand and products by showcasing images and providing website links. It increases the reach of your brand and enhances brand recognition.

Cross-platform promotion

One cannot simply rely on one social media platform to market their brand or products. Hence cross-platform promotion is one of the best marketing tactics. 

It refers to when you market your content on other platforms, you can achieve this feat by copying the link of the post and pasting it to the desired platform. Or often, people take a screenshot of the content of a particular social media platform and display it on different platforms. Using, either way, it provides you with a large audience, as by this strategy, you cover the audience of your platform and the user base of other platforms.

Embed Pinterest feed on website 

This can be treated as an extension of cross-platform promotion. In this age of the internet, every business looks to enhance the visuals of their websites to attract visitors. And this is where this strategy can come in handy. Pinterest is known for its colorful and lively content, and when you display them on your website, it can increase the vibrancy of your website as well.

Although you can embed Pinterest feeds by copying the embedding code of the content and pasting it on the backend of your website, we recommend you to use social media aggregators. Because social media aggregators not only make your task easy but also provide added features that add advantages to this strategy and also, in a certain way, make your website more appealing. 

These features consist of customization – which allows you to personalize the feed by changing font size, font color, theme, and more of the feed, moderation – which allows you to filter out irrelevant and unwanted content from the website feed, and various other features. These tools are readily available. They are easy to install and smooth in operations. Even if you don’t have any coding skills or knowledge, you can still use this tool like a pro.


One cannot ignore the impact of visual-based content in marketing. Traditionally, people used to utilize pictures to promote their products, as visuals remain fresh in the viewers’ minds and provide more details than text.

And in this modern world, when social media is taking the world by its storm, it is smart to use social media platforms that empathize with visual content. People find Pinterest interesting and favor it because of its user-friendly interface. 

So go ahead use Pinterest in your marketing strategy and provide a boost to the reach of your brand.

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