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Picking Up The Pieces: The Importance Of Replacing Damaged Glass

Picking Up The Pieces: The Importance Of Replacing Damaged Glass

When you’ve got broken glass in your home, it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. Whether the glass is in a window, door, or elsewhere, what may seem like a minor problem can become a big problem in no time at all. However, when it comes to repairing damaged glass, there are several factors you should take into consideration. By doing so, you’ll get much better results and make the repair job safer for everyone. On the other hand, if your home’s windows are beginning to leak, are tough to open, or are showing signs of deterioration, then it is time for a replacement as well. Having your home’s windows replaced is relatively straightforward when you work with a good contractor, but there are still a few tips you’ll want to follow along the way.

Determine the Type of Glass

To most people, glass is glass. However, you know better. Because of this, your first step to getting damaged glass repaired is to determine the type of glass that is broken. In most homes, common types of glass used in windows, doors, and other areas include tempered, insulated, and mirrored. Insulated is often found in many of today’s windows, while mirrored is used in areas where decorative accents are located, such as doorways or doors themselves. 

Consider Repair or Replacement

When glass breaks, the damage may be so extensive that repairing it will not be a viable option. However, since you are not a window glass replacement professional, you won’t know whether a window is salvageable or a new one needs to be installed. Common signs that exhibit themselves regarding damaged glass include visible cracks or chips, moisture or fogging between window panes, and cold air escaping from the area. 

Try Before You Buy

Many homeowners look at windows and select a style they find aesthetically pleasing. This is important, but you should pay attention to how the windows function, too. Open and close one of them. Make sure it is easy to operate and does not get stuck. If you find a certain style of window tough to operate, then there are plenty of other styles to choose from, so don’t get stuck with windows you can’t open just because they look nice. 

Make Energy Efficiency a Priority

Before you look at any other features, make sure the windows you choose are energy-efficient. The easiest way to check is to look for the Energy Star label. Windows with this label have met certain efficiency criteria set forth by the U.S. Department of Energy. Generally, efficient windows have at least two panes of glass, and they are made with a material that does not warp, such as vinyl or composite. These materials are especially helpful if you live in an area that experiences frequent storms. 

Consider Functionality

Keep in mind that you can change window styles when you replace your windows. Just because you have a double-hung window in the kitchen now does not mean you can’t convert it to a casement window. Consider function, primarily, when choosing a window style. In rooms where you need a lot of ventilation, an awning or casement window works well. If you have a great view, choose a picture window. You don’t have to use the same windows throughout the whole home; choose styles that make sense in each room. 

Don’t Make It a DIY Project

While you may think purchasing windows at the home improvement store and installing them yourself could save you thousands, the reality is that it will not. While you won’t have to pay for installation, it is tough to install a window properly without the right education and equipment, so the windows you install yourself are likely to start leaking in a few short years. They will then cost you money on lost efficiency, which will soon negate your installation savings. 

Even though you may be able to hammer a nail now and then and do some simple repairs around your home, trying to repair damaged glass without the proper knowledge, experience, and tools will result in even more problems than the damage that already exists. If you are not careful, what may have been a repair job for a glass repair and replacement professional may wind up being an extensive replacement job if you make the situation worse. 

Replace Outdated Doors and Windows

Finally, if you have windows or doors at your home that are old, outdated, and contain damaged glass, getting them replaced will always be your best option. Along with adding value to your home, new windows and doors can help keep your energy costs low as well, since they won’t let cold air escape when it’s warm or hot air escapes when the weather turns cold. Newer windows are designed to keep homes insulated so you do not have to worry about cold or warm air leaking in when they are closed which can significantly cut down energy bill costs. 

Once you take these factors into consideration when your home has damaged glass, you’ll arrive at the best decision, save money, and get peace of mind once repairs or replacements are finished. Dedicate time to researching your options when it comes to window replacements so that you can choose something that will fit your home’s particular needs. Getting help from a professional will help you minimize complications when repairing or replacing windows. 

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