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Sofa Cushion Filling with Fibre Dacron and Feathers in Dubai

There are three different main types of sofa fillings whose names are given below:

  1. Fibre Dacron
  2. Foam
  3. Feather

The factors that influence the process of our decision making to buy a sofa is just the colour, shape, leather and fibre of sofa. We do not pay much attention to its fillings. This is a huge mistake because, besides colour, shape and leather, fillings should also be a very important factor in buying a sofa.

The explanation of fibre dacron filling, foam and feathers are given below:

Sofa Cushion filling with fibre dacron:

Dacron is a type of synthetic fibre, and it is also used as a raw material of synthetic fabrics. The scientific name of dacron is polyethene terephthalate. Dacron is a material that is used for the fulfilled appearance of Sofa Cushions Dubai. Dacron serves as an upholstery material used to fill the uneven areas and hide the blemishes of the cushions. It makes the cushion wrinkle-free and smooth.

Dacron cushions are reliable and desirable due to the look of the cushion. Even that you bought your cushion years ago, it still looks like as the first day you purchase it and also there is no wrinkles will appear on it as mentioned earlier it is wrinkle-free. It is not resistant material, but it can dry quickly to prevent the ground from micro-organisms. The outside of dacron cushions does not affect by the light, moisture and humidity that is often experienced in the morning hours. Some important features of dacron cushions are listed below:

  • Eliminate wrinkles from your cushions
  • It makes the cushion cover nice and neatly over the cushion
  • It holes up the uneven areas and removes imperfection from cushions
  • It is not waterproof, but it is made by the material that dries quickly

There are also some disadvantages of it such that it is not so soft it is a bit hard.

Sofa cushion filling with foam:

Foam is the most common material for filling cushions, and the mixtures make it of different types of chemicals, and after different processes, it rises into a large block shape. The greatest advantage of this type of filling is that it provides a soft feel and it retains its shape after somebody sits on the sofa or cushion.  It is available in markets with different densities. Some peoples like cushions with a high density of the foam and some with a low density of foam it is up to the people. The cushions which have a high density of the foam is hard because in high-density foam, the structure of the cell is very strong, and they are very closely packed.

In contrast, the cushions with a low density of the foam are soft due to the reason that it has the cells that are not closely packed. The cushions with a medium density of the foam are ideal for people because it gives comfort and relaxation to the people. Many companies manufactured it with various qualities depending upon the cost of it. The one more advantage of the foam cushion is that the foam inside the sofa cushion can easily be replaced whenever you feel it is saggy you can return it.

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