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Ways You Can Customize Your Home Security System For Your Family's Specific Needs

Ways You Can Customize Your Home Security System For Your Family’s Specific Needs

Your home is your castle, so it’s only natural that you want to keep it secure. And even though you have a security system, it may not be customized enough to suit your needs. On the other hand, while security alarm systems can be invaluable in keeping your home safe, modern alarm systems incorporate a number of advanced features. This Can lead to homeowners becoming overwhelmed by their options Here’s five ways to customize your security system to give you and your family the peace of mind you deserve.

Keyless Entry

Often only seen in luxury hotels, more homeowners are now opting for keyless entry. Typically, a keypad is installed and you choose a code that only you and your loved ones know. This alleviates the need of hiding keys somewhere outside, which are usually easy to find by would-be burglars. You can also create a special code that you and your family input if there’s an emergency. This code will alert the appropriate parties, including police, fire, and ambulance, to quickly get you the help you need.

Smart Home Options

In addition to keyless entry, you also need to consider the numerous smart upgrades currently available. Many home security systems now offer you the convenience of being able to turn on the lights inside your home from a distance. You can program your lights to come on at a certain time each day or at random times, both of which give the illusion that someone is home even when they aren’t. You also can receive notifications via your phone if the alarm is activated.

High-Tech Motion Sensors

Not so long ago, motion sensors were not up to the standards they are today. They would light up even if the wind blew, often causing people to think someone might be outside lurking in the bushes. Thankfully, the motion sensors of today are far more advanced. In fact, some are so high tech that they can tell the difference when a human is moving or when it’s a pet.

Environmental Alerts

You can also customize your security system to send alerts for environmental issues as well. For instance, some systems can sense gas leaks or house fire smoke and dial 911 even before you realize there’s a problem.

Select Monitoring

Since every home is configured differently, you need diverse types of security at various entry points or locations. If your lower level is made of mostly glass, installing additional motion detectors and lights is necessary, simply because you have so many vulnerable potential entry points. On the other hand, if you only have a couple entry points and the front of your home gets a lot of foot traffic, you may want standard protection there with a single keypad entry. In this way, you reduce the likelihood of false alarms.


The windows are among the most common paths that criminals will use to enter a home. This makes it vital to focus much of your attention on securing this possible entry point. For those that live in areas with high crime rates, installing security bars on the windows can greatly reduce the risk of criminals being able to enter through them. Homeowners may assume that criminals will be able to easily remove these bars, but they are anchored deep into the home’s exterior wall. Additionally, shatter-resistant glass and security alarm systems can secure windows in the rare event that criminals are able to bypass the security bars.

Discrete Alarm System

Having all of the alarm components being visible may seem like it would improve the security by acting as a deterrent. However, it may have the opposite effect as it will make it easier for criminals to identify the weak points in the security system. Additionally, visible security alarm components can compromise the aesthetics of a home. By striving for a mixture of visible and hidden components, you can enjoy the benefits of deterrence without actively weakening the system’s performance.

Digital Video Recordings

Security cameras are among the most common components of security alarm systems. However, individuals will often struggle with storing the film from these systems. Opting for digital recordings can greatly reduce the difficulty of storing these recordings. Rather than needing to store tapes, these recordings will simply be stored on a hard drive. This can avoid the need for extensive space for the previous tapes, and it may make it easier for you to access and copy footage if the need arises. 

It’s also become more common to be able to watch security recordings on your phone. However, depending on the system you have, these may delete after a certain amount of time, so make sure that you have important recordings backed up somewhere safe.


Installing your own alarm system can be a major mistake because it can be surprisingly difficult to avoid leaving blind spots or other gaps in the system. Also, it may be easy for homeowners to accidentally misconfigure the wiring, which can lead to inconsistent or incorrect performance from the system. Having an alarm company install your system will help you avoid these issues. Furthermore, these professionals can even help you choose a security alarm as they can review your property to help you identify the property’s most likely security hazards.

Your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. It is somewhere that you and your family should always feel safe and protected. Because of that, you need to make sure it’s properly secured with the right kind of security system. Take the time to determine which features you need to keep your family safe and your home protected.

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