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Things To Do In Detroit When You Are Alone

Things To Do In Detroit When You Are Alone

Are you planning a solo journey to Detroit? Probably, you’ve heard a lot about Michigan state and hoping to make the most of it. No doubt, Detroit has many great sights, interesting places, and city tours you are welcomed to visit. This is good news that you can easily go to Detroit alone or with friends.


Sure, many people are skeptical when they read about these must-visits, thinking, “Is that a legendary Detroit?” But when you experience all the city sights on your own, there’s no doubt you’ll be excited about everything you’ll see.

Why visit Detroit?

  • You feel at home here. This is a unique city that suits any character. People from all over the world come to Detroit to find something here for everyone.
  • It’s a place of rich and fascinating auto history.
  • The city can boast its extremely tasty foodies, probably the best in the world. If you’ve never tried square pizza, you can try it here, in Detroit.
  • It’s situated on the Detroit River and surrounded by the Great Lakes.
  • The city is within a short driving distance from Canada. You should rent a car from Budget rental car DTW and cross the country borders.

Outside Views of the Belle Isle Conservatory

What to see in Detroit when traveling alone

  1. Visit Mexican Town

Don’t be surprised. In Detroit, you can easily visit a real Hispanic neighborhood. People often come to Mexican Town to eat their favorite and extremely delicious dishes. The best-visited place for everyone is Cafe Con Leche, which is famous for its tasty bakery. Visit a big green park near the bakery for lunch and spend quality time with friends or solo.

  1. Picnic in Belle Isle Park

When traveling solo, don’t forget to spend some time in nature, looking around. Drive your car to Detroit downtown. Tourists often come here from their noisy cities to get some relaxation and confidence. Honestly, walking and hiking is the best free thing you can do alone in Detroit. You shouldn’t go anywhere, stay in the park and you’ll see a lot of marvelous sights. There is a special picnic zone, a museum, and an open-air theater for music lovers. Are you fond of sports? If you do, take your chance and play tennis in the open air.

  1. Visit local bars

If you are willing to get in touch with locals and make many friends, go to the bar. It can be really funny to go from place to place, visiting local bars and trying their drinks. Detroit welcomes all solo travelers and joins them in a bar-hopping team. These people know everything about the city’s nightlife and where to find the brightest and the most pleasant clubs for drinking with friends for one night. Even if you are against alcohol, you can drink tasty cocktails.

The Old Shillelagh (Detroit)

  1. Visit Historical Museum

Visiting Detroit, don’t forget that this is a bright historical spot of the whole state. The city Historical Museum can be a really interesting place if you want to learn as much as possible about the state’s history. There is a special historical tour for travelers that takes you through all the city’s meaningful places. If you have any questions about one or another place, ask your guide. Also, this is a good chance for you to meet people with common interests. 

  1. Assign Cooking Classes

This is another opportunity for solo tourists to meet interesting people and spend some time cooking. This must be a rather interesting activity even if you know nothing about cooking. Call for classes at the best cooking school – the Mirepoix. Even if cooking runs tight and slow, you’ll learn something new and useful. Are you ready to work in a team and meet new people? Join a cooking team and try to win the first prize. What is even greater is that you will eat the food that you’ve cooked together.

Traveling alone is often challenging if you don’t have a clear plan of what to do in a new place. Don’t be afraid of new places and new people. And a car rental app can help you to pick the most comfortable transport for a safe trip. By the way, if you want to make the most of your trip, ask locals what places are really worth visiting.

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