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Tier 3 Data Center Requirements

If you are talking about Tier 3 Data Center, then there are some companies in Indonesia, one of it is NEX Datacenter, which is an experienced internet service provider which focuses on premium carrier-neutral datacenters, that offer you an ability to connect internet with that level. The companies that work with them will rely on their ability on reducing risk, freeing them so that they can focus on their business, their highly connected, and also on securing datacenters so that the company can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness their IT system.

The company we have above also does the internet exchange which enables the customer to connect with tier 3, tier 2, and also tier 1 national and also global network providers and the ISP or Internet Service Providers. They will give you access to some choices of local and international fixed line, mobile networks, exchange point of internet, and broadband.

Tier 3 Data Center Requirements

This one is to remind you, we today have tier 4, but in some companies they sometimes only enables you to connect from tier 1 to tier 3. Of course the tier 1 is the simplest level we can have. The requirement the tier 1 has is the availability of its basic site infrastructure is 99,671%. It also has to have non redundant capacity components and distribution serving to the equipment of IT. While in Tier 2, it has to have all requirements they have in Tier 1, but the availability of its basic site of infrastructure has to reach 99,741%. The Tier 3 Data Center is more complete than the two levels, in this level the availability of its basic site of infrastructure is expected reaching 99,982%. If tire one is having single distribution path, then in Tier 3, they have multiple distribution paths to the IT equipment. The IT equipment in its level also has to meet these requirements, it has to be compatible and be dual-powered with the site architecture’s topology.

If you use Tier 3 Data Center for your company, then you can do your period maintenance without needing to shut the service down or affecting the whole service done in servers. Yet, this level does not give you total modular redundancy which means that there is no protection when it experiences incidents from infrastructure components that are different. If level 3 is not satisfying you, some companies also enable you to connect with Tier 4. The availability of this level is 99.99%. Today, this level 4 is the highest level that data center can give in matter of guarantee. The benefits when having access from this level is that you will find no serious problem with the technical incident you may get because of the different components, since the architecture they have can stand with that. While this level, unlike the three levels, is fully redundant in matter of network, cooling and also its electrical circuits. If tier 3 uses cold swap for its disk, then the tier 4 uses hot swap disks. By using this disk without interrupting the server, you can replace or upgrade the component.