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What Are The Different Website Designs?

The World Wide Web (www.) is commonly understood as a platform, which can be used to obtain information as quickly as the blink of your eye. World Wide Web is an established forum that has constantly evolved over the years. This has added to the total number of websites by creating various different types of website. Viewers are offered easy access to all of these websites through a search engine like Google Chrome and Safari etc. Besides everything else, it has opened gates for real time information peeking in through your laptop screen with just a click of your fingertip. You have an unsolved question in your mind? No problem, just enter it onto your search engine and hi the search bar. The search engine will offer you billions of search results. Many different individuals from all walks of life scribe the answers that appear on your computer screen. They could be, professionals in their fields, scholars or even a layman. For a non-technical person, in simple words, there are a few web categories under which all these websites can be labeled. These are: social, health, media, commercial, etc. lets now have a look at some of these website categories we just talked about:

Business Sites

As we can guess from its name, a business website is solely run to serve commercial purposes. Budding businesses that are expanding their clientele and those that are working to keep pace with the continually evolving technology in order to remain updated in today’s digital age, use these websites. They have a vital role in delivering the brand name, keeping their potential and existing customers informed about business products and services. Even the small business enterprises can be exposed to a huge market through the Internet. Furthermore, a business entrepreneur can ensure personalization, by maintaining a direct relationship with their clients and serving their individual needs. Hence, for any business organization, a website is absolutely necessary.

What Are The Different Website Designs?

Private Sites

Private websites are the ones owned by the private individuals, which may contain confidential information about them. These websites are based on content that supports an individual’s personal interests,, biography etc. Private websites are cheaper to make and maintain private websites in comparison to other types of websites in general. However, there are not enough ways to expand a private website.

Content Sites

As the name suggests, content websites are the ones that contain knowledge on various topics that a user is looking for. A content site is a fundamental and entirely useful type of website for those seeking information online. Content sites provide articles, journals, e-magazines/news written by professional scholars and writers. Content sites offer all sort of content, no matter how extensive and intricate the topic is.

Photo-sharing And Social Media websites

Photo sharing websites allow people to share visuals with friends and relatives. Fans to keep posted about their favorite celebrities commonly use this. These are visually appealing websites through which people can interact amongst themselves better.

Social media websites are the ones that anyone can use. In order to use these social media websites, an individual does not necessarily be an expert or highly knowledgeable. These are the websites most frequently used by people these days. The primary purpose is to connect people from distant places through a social platform that is otherwise impossible. However, it can also be used for other purposes.

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