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Unique Wedding Presents For Your Loved Ones

Unique Wedding Presents For Your Loved Ones

Choosing a unique and thoughtful wedding present for a couple’s wedding can be difficult, especially as we get older and we start going to more weddings! But fear not, as we are here to help you find the perfect gift that will show you have put thought in. Our list has different options no matter your budget, so what are you waiting for! It’s time to find the perfect wedding gift for your loved ones.

Adventure Challenge Book

Our first gift idea that is perfect for any couple is the adventure challenge book. This book is filled with 50 different adventures the new married couple can go on, with each challenge costing between £0 and £50. When you are married, it can be difficult to prioritise time together, so this book will help to give the couple so many different ideas for dates and spending time together. 

From things like a road trip to getting ice cream, painting together or going on a woodland walk, there are so many different fun things to do. There is then a page for each challenge in the book, so the couple can document each one and go back over their memories time and time again. They will be able to make so many memories and then cherish them for all of their married life. 

This is a unique and thoughtful gift that any couple will love! 

3D Portrait

Our next choice is a 3D portrait of the couple. All you have to do is upload a photo of the couple and then they will be made into custom 3D figures that are framed! You will be able to see the likeness and personality of the couple through the figures and you can choose the location you want for the frame or you can add pets and things too. 

Perhaps you choose a photo of them on a beach where they got engaged and then this can be the background. Maybe they love Christmas so you want to get them a Christmas themed portrait that they can hang each December. There are so many options, but this is such an adorable and thoughtful gift that no one else will get them. It’s a super simple process for you too, but just make sure you leave enough time for them to be printed and sent to you (usually around a week to 10 days). 

Personalised Water Colour 

If you are very close to the couple, you could tell them that you have something planned which means they won’t get their present for a few weeks after the wedding. Don’t tell them yet, but this will be because you are having a personalised watercolour portrait of them! 

Depending on your budget, you can have an actual watercolour portrait commissioned for the couple, although you will be looking at potentially £300+. If you want to spend closer to £20, there are great companies online where you can send a photo and they will edit it to make it look like a stunning watercolour! This will only take around 3-5 days too, so it will mean the couple will get their present quickly after their wedding day. 

This will help them to remember their day in a unique way and it is perfect for couples with a slightly more quirky taste in art. 

Preserve The Flowers

Last but not least, before the wedding, you could say to the couple that you would like to pay for their flowers to be preserved as a wedding gift. This will help them to keep a special part of their day in their home always! Plus, this will be one less thing that the couple will need to stress about when planning the wedding

There are plenty of different ways to do this. We wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself unless you are experienced, as you don’t want to risk ruining the flowers! So, you could go to a business that will preserve the flowers by pressing and framing them. There are businesses that offer beautiful and dainty metal frames that are contemporary and beautiful. 

Another option is to have the flowers set into resin, to make things like coasters. Perhaps ask the couple what they would like to make sure they are happy! 

Final Thoughts

You want to get your loved ones something that they can treasure, and with these things, you can, no matter your budget. Wedding presents don’t always need to be the most expensive, as it’s the thought that counts.

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