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5 Winter Wardrobe Staples Every Man Needs

5 Winter Wardrobe Staples Every Man Needs

We are well on our way to winter, so now is the perfect time to build your winter wardrobe! We are all about building a wardrobe that you can wear and enjoy for years, rather than just for one season. So, with these 5 winter wardrobe staples, you will never find yourself struggling to find something to wear. The great thing is that you can find any of these pieces no matter your budget in plenty of different shops. Get ready to fall in love with your wardrobe again this winter! 

Simple Black Jeans

The first absolute staple in your winter wardrobe is a pair of simple black jeans. When you have a good fitting pair of black jeans on hand, you can always throw an outfit together. You can keep it simple with black jeans, a hoodie and trainers. Style it with a black t-shirt and oversized shirt for a slightly dressier look. To go more dressy, pair them with a white shirt and dress shoes. 

You will find a pair of black jeans a key part of your wardrobe, so if you are going to spend a bit more on anything, this would be it! Just remember, with jeans, only wash them when its absolutely necessary as this will increase their life significantly! 


Next up, we have a tracksuit. On cold mornings, there is nothing better than throwing on a comfy tracksuit that looks effortlessly stylish as well as comfy, cosy and warm. Not only does this outfit look amazing on its own, but you can style either the hoodie or the joggers separately in so many ways. Having a tracksuit on hand is key throughout winter, so this is the most important type of streetwear for men that you can invest in. 

Keep it simple with a black, grey, nude or navy tracksuit, or be more bold with a funky colour or pattern. No matter what you choose, you will keep reaching for this year after year. 

Black Denim Jacket

Our next staple for your winter wardrobe is a black denim jacket. Although all of our staples really go with everything, this one particularly does! Pair with your tracksuit for a super simple, effortless weekend look. Go with the black jeans and a white t-shirt for a classic style that is timeless. Dress it up even more with a shirt for a dressier evening! 

Aim for your denim jacket to be around hip height, as anything else is too short. If you prefer a slightly oversized choice, don’t be afraid to go a bit longer. For an ultimate winter look, choose a borg collar. This is a really timeless choice that you will reach for every year.

A Tweed Jacket

For the dressier evening events throughout the winter, having a tweed jacket is a must. This is an absolute classic choice that is not going to go out of style. For Christmas parties, pair the jacket with a white shirt and black trousers. This is a great choice for slightly more casual evening events too, when paired with a white shirt, jeans and shoes. 

If you need a suit, it might be worth buying the jacket as well as the trousers, then you can also wear the trousers either with the jacket or separately! 

A Crew Neck Jumper

Our final piece to tie everything together is a crew neck jumper. Having a classic, warm jumper on hand in your wardrobe is always essential! When you throw on a jumper and jeans, you can look well put together with no effort at all. 

Depending what you already have in your wardrobe, you could go with a neutral colour like dark blue, dark green, grey, black or white. If your wardrobe is lacking a bit of colour, then go with a brighter orange, emerald green or a bright blue. Having a couple of different colours in your wardrobe is a great option as this is another item that will never go out of style! 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully we have helped you choose this winter’s wardrobe staples! All of these items are absolute classics, so you know that they will stay in your wardrobe for years to come. 

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