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Android 13 – The Beta Version Is Here with Novel Features

This year’s Google I/O conference offered us some great highlights, one of them being the release of the Beta version of Android 13. The final release of Android 13 is edging nearer and nearer, targeted towards Fall 2022. The follow-up to Android 12 was revealed in February 2022 and here it kicks off. Android loyalists are looking forward to the interesting features that it promises, and they had a good time getting a sneak peek into those, through the current Beta release.

The company has already launched the Beta 2.1 version, addressing certain software issues that needed to be fixed and hence is out for users to test. The new OS version is up with needed enhancements in the wake of the Android 12’s huge revamp.

Key features like increased security and privacy tools, Material You personalization, increased RCS messaging support, seamless integration with watches, TV, cars, etc., Google wallet refurbishing, privacy features like new notification permission, effective APIs for themed app icons, per app language support, fast settings tile placement, Bluetooth LE audio, etc. are a highlight for end users.

Looking at the increasing number of Android devices and Android users leveraging these devices, Google will need to keep offering the best through its key OS and that is what it is attempting to do. The release of Android 13 Beta is proof enough to show that Google will leave no stone unturned in offering the best of experience to its users across all devices.

There have been peeps into the Android 13 upcoming version through Google’s developer previews but now with this latest release, android developers can have a look and feel at how the Android 13 final release will shape up. Android 12 is still in the process to roll out to all smartphones and tablets, but Android 13 is right here, to perk up the missing links and offer other interesting features.

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Key Features in Android 13 – Beta Version

Launch of Emergency SOS for Wearables and in High-Risk Areas

Emergency SOS was rolled out by Google in Android 12, through which you can contact your go-to person in case of any emergency without a phone unlock. Now, as the new version arrives, Emergency SOS is coming to wearables which will of be great help to Android users. Also, Emergency Location Services that was a part of Android reached out to a few countries yet. Now, it will expand its horizon and reach out to other high-risk areas where warning signals can be sent immediately and further destruction or harm to life can be avoided.

Enhanced Security and Privacy Features

Android 13 will allow improvised security and privacy features. It permits setting different languages for different apps. For e.g., you can have one app in English and the other set in Hindi. Security of photos and videos in apps can also be ensured by having certain restrictions in Android Photo Picker. Certain images and videos can be given access to, for an app, instead of offering the complete library. Access can be requested either for images, audio files or video files, as needed.

Updates in Google Wallet

Google Wallet has been a secure and popular digital wallet that stores your important documents, credit cards, certificates, vaccination records, bus and train passes etc. Now, with the new version, Google is trying to come up with digital IDs with the help of the government.

Predefined Colour Sets in Material You

Material You was introduced in Android 12 through which users could change the home screen look based on the wallpaper image. Now comes a set of pre-created colour sets through which you can select the colour sets and apply it across the OS. Themed icons can now be applied to all apps on the home screen and not just to system apps. While operating music, the window will reflect the colour of the album. Users may be able to change the way the colours are being shown and there could be more of variety.

Complete Encryption for RCS Group Chats for Messaging

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is an ideal substitute for SMS/MMS text messages. This app supports encryption for single conversations and its support for encryption of group chats will come soon with this version of Android 13. It also includes a good support for photos, messages with Wi-Fi and typing indicators. It is yet not supported on iOS platforms.

More of Small Routine Updates

Unlike previous versions, Android 13 will have more of regular updates during the year for its elements like RCS and Google Wallet. Earlier, most updates used to be yearly and hence users had to wait quite long but no more! There will be intermittent updates to offer users the newer features and updates.

Inbuilt Support for Braille Displays

Users with vision impairment had to install BrailleBack app from Google Play Store for interacting with Android phones and read onscreen text. Now, with the new version, Google will offer inbuilt support for Braille displays into Android. That will empower visually impaired users to operate the phones with ease and read effortlessly. It can also be integrated with computers and other devices through USB or Bluetooth connection.

Asking For Notification Permissions

Just like in certain browsers, Android users will now be asked if they can be sent notifications in apps or not. Google will not permit all apps to send notifications without access from the user, especially for the newly installed apps. This gives the end user the liberty to choose apps from which they are interested in seeing notifications.

Possibility of ‘Tap to Transfer’ Functionality

The final version of Android 13 may come up with the ‘Tap to Transfer’ functionality through which you can tap between applications. It is still not finalized but with Google hang Nest Minis and Nest Audios, this is a good feature to possess. There was a feature of Nearby Share in the Android Beam version but that didn’t last long. Google plans to get a similar feature again in the new version under the name of ‘Tap to Transfer’. It could be named as Media TTT (Tap to Transfer) but only time will tell what it will be.

Complete Support for Bluetooth Low Energy Audio

Amongst all current versions, Android 13 will be the pioneer in coming up with a complete support system for Bluetooth Low-Energy Audio. This will be a good alternative to routine Bluetooth audio streaming. There is lesser energy usage with the same ensured audio quality and multi stream support sending signals to both ear devices simultaneously. Complete support will be available for all features that are coming up in Google’s hearing aid protocol.

Inbuilt QR Code Scanner Access

With the pandemic, QR codes have been important and hence Google plans to come up with an inbuilt QR code scanner that will be accessed from the lock screen and quick settings app. Earlier, QR codes were scanned through Google Camera or any third-party app. A glimpse at the QR scanner quick settings toggle was accessed in the earlier demo version in the notification umbrella.

Multilingual Support Availability

Till now, users could set a default language that will be accessed by all apps on the phone. Now comes a native support per application for language settings. Google will allow users to change languages per app and that will be a flexible option for users who wish to communicate in different language options. Setting your preferred language on a per-app ground will be a flexible option for users who wish to operate their phones in English but certain apps in different languages.

App Streaming Service from Android

Users will be able to stream and connect Android apps to the linked Chromebook. There will be an exclusive app streaming service from Android that will operate on PCs and Macs. It will give a good experience and will permit users to user apps quickly without installation for shorter tasks. With this feature, Google will fill in the gaps that exist in terms of restriction of certain apps to be executed on Chromebook.

Android 13 Could Be Codenamed as ‘Tiramisu’

Going by the history of naming Android versions by the name of sweets and deserts, it is presumed that Android 13 will be called as ‘Tiramisu’. Though there is no public announcement, time will tell what it is called officially.

Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Support

UWB is an interesting technology that helps you perform many different activities like finding out lost gadgets, convert your mobile device into a car key, enhances features with Bluetooth and NFC functionality. Android 13 will come up with a generalized hardware abstraction layer that will offer all mobile devices a technique to implement UWB with ease and an innovative view.

Awaiting the All-New Android 13 Soon

There is a lot to come! Android 13 is being waited for, by loyalists and as Fall 2022 comes, users will be excited to receive the latest version. Android and Google have never failed to satisfy their users, and this is no different. We are watching the newer set of features and the updated ones closely; they will be a breath of fresh air for us all. Wait and watch for Android 13 make a grand entry!


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