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Things to Consider When You’re in Need of Circuit Breakers

After a number of years, you may find that your system needs to be updated. Being in need of an upgrade is completely normal. You’ll need to maximize your ability to keep up with the most recent innovations. Choosing the right circuit breaker can be difficult if this is the first time you’ve purchased one for your home or business. Since the options out there can be overwhelming, it’s important that you know the factors that are important when it comes to your breaker. Here are the things that you’ll need to consider:


1. How Much Power is “Too Much?”

A simple way to determine this is by determining how many amps your circuit breaker has. Usually, it will be at most 50 amps. If you’re looking for an estimate of how many circuits you’ll need, you can multiply that by 20. This will give you the maximum amount of amperage that you should have. If your breaker is large, then it may be time to upgrade.


2. How Many Years Do You Have?

If you’re installing a new breaker because your old one accidentally failed, then the best thing you can do is install circuit breakers with longevity. The longer that these last, the more likely it is that they’ll last for an extended period of time. This will save you money in the long run.


3. What do you Need?

Circuit breakers are used to control the amount of power that goes through a device. This is important if you’re using something that requires electricity, and if it exceeds the capacity of your breaker, you may risk a power outage or injury. If your home needs a lot of power, then it’s ideal for you to find one with increased capabilities. This way, it will be used effectively.


4. Is it a Single Pole or Three-Phase?

A two-pole breaker is for your typical home or business use. These are used to control the amount of energy that goes to your appliances and devices. On the other hand, a three-phase device is only necessary if you’re using something like a server farm or if you have an entire business’ worth of equipment running off of one breaker.


5. Do you Want it to be Electronic or Magnetic?

Magnetic breakers are much like the older models you may have at home. They’re good for displays and appliances with no electronics inside them. On the other hand, magnetic breakers require maintenance and can be noisy. On the other hand, Electronically controlled breakers use microprocessors to manage their operations. These are great if you’re using something that requires a lot of power, and they’re durable as well.



It’s important to keep your breaker in good condition. If they aren’t working properly, you may end up with a power outage or even an electric shock. When choosing a new breaker, you’ll need to consider these factors to pick the right one for your needs.




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