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Web Development: Making It All Work Online

Web development is an industry going through a revolution. Actually, it has been for about the past 20 years. Its continual change has become a staple of the digital age and subsequent revolution going on throughout the internet. But how exactly does it work? What is available to enable expert web development? An array of services have cropped up to meet the increasing demands and changing nature of the online environment. Parsing through the array of digital upgrades to your website can be tough however. Some of the services are obscure or new and webmasters may not be familiar with the return on investment.

Web Development: Making It All Work Online

SEO: The Bones of the Operation

If you don’t use search engine operation in the development of your site, then no one will ever find it. If no one finds it, you won’t get any traffic, which is the whole point of building a website. If you are trying to monetize your website, you won’t get there unless you’re ranked on Google. SEO is the engine (no pun intended) that will drive your website forward. You’ll need keyword research completed, backlinks, directory submissions and the like in order to bring you up in the rankings. You need a company with a strong track record of success on these deliverables so you can get that return on investment.

Mobile Friendly:

Many websites these days have separate mobile friendly versions that are ideal for phones, tablets and phablets alike. This is a critical investment for any web developer are mobile devices have made a massive dent in the PC market. Though laptops and desktops still reign supreme, the mobile market has seen exponential growth. The increasing speed and availability of wireless services only ups the amount of users surfing the net on their mobile device. You’ll need expert help to get your website to display correctly on these mobile browsers and likely need to pare down some of the features for ease of use on this platform.

Web Development: Making It All Work Online

This category also extends into the mobile application arena as well. You can add on an application that’s available on Google Play and the App Store so you can put your website right on people’s main screen. Accessibility is king, and let’s face it, if your app. is easy to open up, it will get used more and you’ll see a better customer response. You can’t afford to not spend money on this.


Marketing may seem like an odd addition to the web development services scene, but like any new product, a new website needs it. There are email marketing campaigns, the aforementioned backlinks and getting things like blog mentions and guest posts. Many wise developers have lists of industry leaders in traffic so they can reach out and get a backlink or post that leads to your website.

Web development is a complicated process at times. What works today won’t necessary work tomorrow. Websites need dedicated programmers, researchers and expert internet gurus to help them get off on the right foot. If essentially services are ignored or underinvested, the lack of traffic will be eerily apparent right from the start. This isn’t good. Do your due diligence on a web development service provider that has a proven track record. If you have to parse out and use different companies for different services, then so be it. Take your time. Good things come to those who wait. Even in the virtual world.