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4 Things To Look Out For The Best Online Marketing Services

4 Things To Look Out For The Best Online Marketing Services

While it may make sense to stay away from teachers with criminal records or car salesmen with too much pomade, some professions don’t exactly have clear warnings. The following read first published on cloud nine media website  therefore aims at equipping you with the best tips on how to find competent and professional SEO services.

4 Things To Look Out For The Best Online Marketing Services

  1. Trade Secrets

Even though a number of SEO agencies tend to act like their strategy is the ultimate secret ingredient, there is need to point out that SEO is basically 70% science and 30% art. This means that majority of the techniques and strategies being used should have a detailed report to back them up. With this said, the best SEO services will be keen on issuing updates on a weekly basis and not once at the end of the contract. A SEO company that cannot provide such updates regularly only goes to show that they have nothing to report or worse yet that their practices are nowhere within the boundaries of Google’s best practices.

  1. Promises

“We guarantee you a 5x increase in organic traffic.” Well, unless the company has a Godfather in c-suite who owes them a favor, no one can guarantee anything when it comes to search engines. However, what the best SEO services strive to do is to ensure that they outline their goals to the clients and explain how they plan on achieving the set goals. Want to get the best SEO package? Ask your service provider whether they can guarantee the returns made on your investments. Any company that’s keen on taking short cuts and getting you there in the shortest time is just out for your money. However, watch out for the company that’s all about doing their best to achieve sustainable month after month growth in organic search traffic.

  1. Social media and SEO

While it has become quite clear that SEO and social media have become co-dependent, a lot of SEO service providers are yet to come in to terms with this fact. However, as search engines continue to add weight to social signals, it is only advisable that you should be inclined towards finding a SEO service provider with a positive attitude towards the social media-SEO mash up. For one, always make a point of inquiring whether the company in question incorporates social media in to their optimization; the answer will tell you whether the company is forward thinking or just wants to languish in the past.

  1. The Portfolio

Finally, a company’s portfolio is just one of those things that greatly determine whether you get to choose the services or not; reason why you should always make a point of checking it out thoroughly. Ask if the agency has worked with any company that you may know off, particularly one that operates in a similar field to yours. The number of seconds it takes to get an answer or worse yet, the stuttering that follows next should be able to give you a pretty clear picture who you are working with.

Every industry has its fair share of shady characters, lucky for you though, you already know what to look out for.

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