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Apple iOS 7 vs Apple iOS 8: Road To Upcoming iOS 9

All Apple enthusiast looking for launching the new version of Apple iOS, this is very great news to hear, in which, when you talking about comparison of Apple iOS 7 and Apple iOS 8, it only varies with performance, visual design, manufacturing style, continuity, and health/health kit. You might expect more specification and additional features in both Apple iOS 7 and Apple iOS 8. You could obtain more benefits from the Apple iOS 8. The performance when compared between the two versions the Apple iOS 7 is higher. Most of the people would expect to release or launch date of two versions.

Release Date of Apple iOS 7 vs Apple iOS 8

The launching or release date of iOS 7 was 17th September, when contrast the display interface between Apple iOS 7 and iOS 8, previous version had a better interface. In this upgrading Apple iOS 8 there are some problems might be happen in iOS due to errors from downloads system. Next the launching date of Apple iOS 9 is 18th September the year is not mentioned. This Apple iOS 9 would have some particular features and benefits, which would have a multitasking option in an application.

Apple iOS 7 vs Apple iOS 8

The features of Apple iOS 7 are the control center along with quick access for music controls and toggles. Rather than those things it would have modern look when compared to Apple iOS 8. The iOS 8 is a latest and trendy version in Apple OS for iPod touch, iPhone, iPad. The adoption of novel operating system, it might be slow when compared to adoption of Apple iOS 7. The iOS 8 would require more free space on your Apple iPhone; you could download more new software in Apple iOS. Initially the Apple iOS 8 is announced in the year of 2014 and in the month of June. In comparison, between Apple iOS 7 and Apple iOS 8 the visual design might be varied. The Apple iOS 7 would look like very flatter, brighter and more colorful than Apple iOS 8. The plus point of Apple iOS 8 is the largest display similar to Apple iOS 7. The design and structure of both Apple iOS 8 and Apple iOS 7 might too outstanding to look. The Apple iOS 7 would have more options such as messages, photos, camera, calendar, travel, apps store, games, contacts, twitter, Instapaper, Facebook, passbook, Whatsapp, utilities, face time, settings, music and mail. The Apple iOS 8 would have more new options and menus when compared to Apple iOS 7 that are weathered, clock, maps, and videos, notes, stocks, reminder, Newsstand and iBooks. These are the new application present in Apple iOS 8. You could expect the new version of Apple iOS 9; with new features and specs. The Apple iOS would have interoperability and connectedness concept this is a new feature than Apple iOS 7.

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