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How To Create Accessibility In The Software Development Lifecycle

How To Create Accessibility n The Software Development Lifecycle?

Creating an accessible software development lifecycle needs a guarantee to include everyone in the project from the very beginning. This will assist you to become cost-effective, as you will be able to ignore time and cost remediation before the deployment at the final stages of your product work plan. 

For a software development lifecycle to be accessible, the accessibility must be incorporated at all stages. This covers phases from planning to maintenance. This incorporates accessibility policy, automated testing contrary to that strategy, included in your quality assurance procedure, and documenting and verifying conformance requirements. It encompasses the creation of a voluntary product accessibility template.

Incorporating accessibility is not at all different from testing for another quality standard such as bugs or cross-browser compatibility. Here are five ways software development companies or software testing companies can use to create accessibility in the software development lifecycle.  


You can begin the process by setting your accessibility objectives. Then, you can prioritize them based on their significance. This is very important for upcoming sprint planning. You must define the priorities and objectives in your strategies. This will enable you to measure your achievements and understand the points where you require enhancement. 

Automated and Manual Testing

Automated testing is performed by incorporating software to view your digital assets if they are in production, development, or staging. It also has an accessibility rules engine to find errors. It can efficiently and quickly pinpoint machine-detectable web content accessibility guideline fiascos. In addition to this, accessibility standards are also detected. These can be fixed by the engineers during the software being developed. There are numerous ways in which automated testing can be done. Nevertheless, the method that will suit you will depend on the degree of amalgamation that your DevOps team can help. Assessments conducted via manual testing are very comprehensive as compared to automated scans. Essential user experience is taken into contemplation. They can detect mistakes more than machine detestable methods.

Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) 

After indicating issues they must be resolved like any other glitch or bug that stops people from using or accessing your app or website. Customers aim to save this information in their ticket tracking system. The majority of the organizations use project management software and agile sprints to develop tickets. These tickets are then fed into the development pipeline. As a result, they are:

  • Arranged
  • Assigned
  • Completed

Looking for a solution will enable you to transform WCAG failures into user stories. It is done either manually or via automation. It is important for serving a work pipeline that needs to be completed.

Resources and Knowledge 

There are particular development methods utilized to resolve fiascos related to accessibility. Developers usually allocate most of their quality time in scouring the web for answers, in the absence of access to a comprehensive library. It is possible to find a good solution if you work properly. However, in this case, you would not be sure if that solution is suitable for your case. Devising a suitable solution for a problem at your fingertips permits your DevOps team to perform smoothly with lesser disruptions.


Accessibility analytics play an important role in inaugurating accountability. Tracing fiascos through your digital properties on a clear intonation enables you to witness and file trends over will also enable you to keep a record of the activities. These activities include:

  • Quantity of tickets that are tagged as bugs or remediation
  • Capabilities to new features to exemplify active efforts


Adopting an accessible software development life cycle is the most effective and efficient method to guarantee that your apps and websites are ADA and WCAG conformant. This is done by applying constant accessibility checks at every stage of the product development lifecycle. This is possible for both large and small development teams at any size of the organization.

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